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Jang Su health exercise system

Jang Su stands for long life and health.

Sami Karjalainen

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Jang Su health exercise system

Jang Su stands for long life and health. That goal can be reached by combining knowlegle of eastern martial arts and western medicine. Jang Su Health system Solution 1. The big companies are loosing a lot of money for sickleaves caused by back pain

2. These days pro athletes train too one-sidedly and do not necessarily take proper care of their bodies. For that they can not use all their potential in their performance 1. For business customers Jang Su- Health excercise system offers a cost-effective solution for them to reduse the sickleaves. Jang Su has been developed with attention to lower back problems and contains specific exercises to that area like lumbar spine deep muscle training.

2. For pro athletes Jang Su Health exercise system works as a maintaining, restoring and an effective method of exercise. For addition, Jang Su helps to prevent injuries caused by muscle weakness and one sided training. Business model I am an active Jang Su instructor now and also in the future. Me and Hermanni are testing and developing Jang Su with my customers to fit it to their needs. The business model will be finaliced in the end of this year. Then I will educate instructors for my companies needs. I do the marketing, sales, invoicing etc. The instructors will hold the trainings and invoice my company. There will be four levels of instructors in my organisation and the fourth level instructor will be almost totally independent enterpreneur. Proof of concept The city of Kouvola had three courses for this season. 8th best scorer in finnish ice hockey league 2012 is my customer. The head coach of the Finnish womens skijumpingteam said that: ”Jang Su is the biggest new thing in decades for his coaching.” Easy to sell and the pricing is not a key issue in making deals. Situation Now 3 customers in Kouvola and 3 customers in Lahti

One instructor in Kouvola and two in Lahti 2015

launching Jang Su in Sweden

launching Jang Su in Norway Future Plans is to be the best service provider in a tight
scale between sports and fysiotherapy Our Vision 5 Countries and 4 m. € 2013 Exercise pharmacy experiment begins in Lahti area Jang Su is in 5 cities in Finland with totally 50 customers 2014 Excercise pharmacy experiment is running in Lahti Jang Su in 10 cities in Finland
400 customers EXIT Problem
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