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Plan for Todd

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 16 July 2016

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Transcript of Plan for Todd

Todd’s SURPRISE 40th!
It's that time of year again... ​
1979 NPR Interview with Todd Gallagher ​Reflecting on Turning 40…

at age 4.
Q: “How old are you right now Todd? “
A: “I am going to Jazzfest in New Orleans. Once should be enough.”
Q: “Any big trips planned during pre-school summer break?”
A: “It’s fine.”

Q: “Today you are 4 but some day you will be 40! Are you excited?”
A: “For this interview to be over.”
Q: “What are your dreams?”
A: “4… but I come across older. Most people think I am late teens.
Here is the plan
Food will be served. Drinks a la carte.
Shhh....Todd will arrive at 5:30pm
Arrive promptly as this is a surprise!
June 3rd at 5:00pm - Old Town Pour House 1419 Wells Street
taxis will take the die hards to see Grammy Award Winning Blues Legend – Melvin Taylor at Rosa’s Lounge.
Tickets are $20 - RSVP asap to
if you plan to join and he can pre-order for you!
Saturday @ 12:00 … Burgers and Bloody’s
@ Al & Mo’s House in Lakeview
If you're interested in booking a room at the Hotel Chicago for a discounted rate let Chris know!
The deciding factor will be your interest in running water.
RSVP for this one as well
There is also room to snuggle up at Todds.
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