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Digital AutoBiography

No description

Elizabeth Sun

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Digital AutoBiography

So, first of all, I was born in Lake Mary, Florida on January 3rd, 2003 at Arnold Palmer Hospital. My parents named me Elizabeth because they want to name me after my cousins' name that starts with E sound. My middle name is Emily, so my name is Elizabeth Emily Sun, and my birth weight is 7 pounds and 13 ounces. My height is 11 inches and some interesting things about my birth is that I was born without any bruises and birthmarks. My father told me that he check me all around and didn't see any marks. Another thing that I think is interesting about my birth is that I was born on the 3rd of January, the oldest brother in my family is Michael and he was born on the 3rd, and my other brother who is also older that me was born on the 3rd too! Also, we are the only three kids in our family, which I find very interesting and amazing at the same time. What I discovered about the meaning and history of my name is that Elizabeth means either oath of God or God is satisfaction and that one of the earliest known person with this name is Queen Elizabeth II and a famous person who has this name as Old Testament Elizabeth, who is the mother of this person called John the Baptist. My family nickname is Meimei and I got it because Meimei means little sister in Chinese and I'm the youngest sibling in my family and also the only girl.
1. My Birth
3. My Family
There aren't any names because my parents don't want me to for privacy purposes. Sorry about that!

I have a mother, a father, and two older brothers. My mother has a job with computers and my father works at a restaurant. Both of my brothers are in college, one is at UCF and the other is at Georgia Tech.
6. Me, Myself, and I
2. Early Life
By: Elizabeth Sun
Digital Autobiography
8. Feelings
9. How Others See Me
I think others see me as a creative, artistic, and shy girl who doesn't talk much to anyone other than friends and family. The reason why I think this is because honestly, I am shy, and don't speak that much especially if I don't know the people unless they ask me questions or actually want to talk to me. I have a few friends that I really enjoy talking to, and feel very happy when I get back home after a long day. Even though I don't share my art work with many people, but when I do, they say "That's really good!" or "Wow! That's really cool!", which make me feel very happy and cheerful.
5. Memorable Events
7. Likes and Dislikes
4. Later Life
Table of Contents
1. My Birth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

2. Early Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

3. My Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

4. Later Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

5. Memorable Events . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

6. Me, Myself & I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

7. Likes & Dislikes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

8. Feelings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

9. How Others See Me . . . . . . . . . . . 19

10. Future Plans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

11. Conclusion/Ending . . . . . . . . . . . 23
10. Future Plans
Older Brother
Older Brother
Mother's Brother
Mother's Sister
Right now, I have long, black hair that can get very messy when I sleep with bangs or as my brother Michael says, a bull-cut. I have blackish-brown eyes that get very tiny like I'm squinting when I smile widely. I usually don't smile too good when I'm around new people or strangers, but I'm always smiling when around my family. I am left handed and use left hand to write mostly, and sometime it can be a little inconvenient.
Right now, I'm in this volleyball team and I have practice on every Friday and we have games against other teams on Monday. I want to join the Robotics Club and maybe the Sunshine State books Club called "Battle of the Books ". I'm also really interested in the Anime Club and I'm not really sure if there are any other clubs that I could join.
I have a few awards that I got this year. I have an award from a piano competition for getting a superior from the piano solo song "Pumpkin Dance " and the piano hymn song "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today". I also received a superior on the patriotic song "Dancing the Minuet" but I need to get one more superior to get a trophy for patriotic. I received those two trophies in the Music state competition in May, 2014. I also graduated from elementary school and I received the Presidential Award and the all A honor roll on June 6, 2014 which was awesome but I won't get too carried away with it. After that, a few weeks on June 21, 2014 and I earned Honorable Mention in an Art Show.
My hopes for the future in my education is to have good grades and get on the A honor roll and go to college like my two brothers. I hope that I can have my own job where I can draw and paint or maybe I can help other kids with their drawing skills like my art teacher. I also hope that I can also make gaming art because honestly, that would be so amazing and interesting at the same time. I hope I can accomplish the goal of becoming a great artist so that I can maybe get a job in that area of the careers. I want to help out my family with cleaning the house and washing the dishes because, well, I need to be useful somehow. I hope to possess a tablet and a stylus so I can maybe draw on the computer more easily because seriously, I can't even draw with the mouse and all I see is a bunch of scribbles on the monitor. I basically want art utensils and materials so I can paint at home instead of only at art class.
My family doesn't really have big plans to travel a lot, but we may plan to go to China and/or Taiwan. I would like to live in a nice little house because if I lived in a mansion, it would be enormous and there would probably only be me living there so it would probably be lonely. I would also probably get lost and I couldn't find where anything was so that would be terrible. On the other hand, I don't want to be living in a tiny shack because there would probably be no room at all to do anything. What I would like to be doing in 10 years is that I would like to help out my family some how by maybe getting a job or a career so I could contribute. I don't plan to travel to a lot of places and besides, I probably would go to China, Taiwan, etc.
Some of my favorite colors is pink, purple, blue, green, and maybe even yellow. I like these colors because to me, they remind me of my family. My mom's favorite color is red and yellow, my dad's favorite color is purple, my brother Raibert's favorite color is blue and black, my brother Michael's favorite color is green, and my favorite color is pink! It also reminds me of the rainbow (except for black)! My favorite televisions shows is My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop. I also like Tom and Jerry because it's really hilarious to watch. My favorite kinds of season is probably fall and spring because they aren't really hot or really chilly but around the middle. Spring is warm and Fall is cool. I really liked this book called Ungifted by Gordon Korman and it's about this boy called Donovan Curtis who is kind of a troublemaker and he accidentally gets in the gifted program even though he isn't gifted. What I like about this book is that I really like that this book has the different perspectives of different characters in the book for each chapter. I also really like Wonder by R. J. Palacio and this book is about this kid named August Pullman and he was born with a face that is different from most other kids. Some of my favorite video games are Pokemon, Kirby, and other games. I can talk about video games all day so we can just move on.
Father's Older Brother
Father's Younger Brother

Father's Older Sister

Father's Younger Sister
Something I find boring is doing homework. I find it very boring so I always have some music or some video on YouTube while I do homework.
I don't like to go to the doctor and the dentist because it just gets me really scared of shots, the pain, and the agony. I also don't like when people do mean things to me or other people like bullying or violence. I makes me feel very depressed and angry that someone would do such a thing.
A pet peeves I have is when I see someone being like a bully and a jerk, I just get so angry and annoyed that someone would do such a thing! I also get so annoyed with people arguing for no reason and I try to help them resolve the problem and get the yelling and screaming to disappear.

Sometimes I may get angry when someone on YouTube or in a video can't figure out a problem to a puzzle in a video game or something that seems so simple to figure out the answer to me. I literally yell and rant to the computer screen what they are supposed to do to figure it out and move on. I'm not sure why but I feel so irritated when they say "Then, what are we supposed to do?" or "What do we do now?".

Interview Questionnaire for Chapter 1
If you live with a birth parent, interview the person who can best answer these questions.
1. Place of birth (city, hospital, etc.)
- Orlando, Florida at the Florida Hospital.
2. Time of birth (weather, historical events at this time)
- Born right after 12:00 or midnight, so around 12:03 January 3rd, 2003.
3. Where were they when labor began?
- At the Florida Hospital.
4. How long was labor?
- Labor was about 6 to 8 hours.
5. People present (family, medical persons, others)
- Mommy, Daddy, Michael, Raibert (his name is actually Robert, but when I was younger, I couldn't pronounce his name, so I could only say Raibert and I called him that ever since), and my parent's friend Joe Trice.
6. Weight at birth
- 7 pounds and 13 ounces.
7. Any unusual happenings?
- I was born faster than anticipated and I was born around midnight on January 3rd, and all of my siblings were born on the 3rd, which is amazing and also unusual.
8. How did they pick your name?
- They wanted me to be named like my cousins' names that start with an E or an E sound.
9. What were the first six months like? First year?
- My parents said that it was pleasant and happy for them.
10. Ask the questions you would like to know about your birth and early childhood, such as diseases, first steps, first words, etc.
- First Words: “ (Might be mommy or da-da)”
- First Walk: 9-10 months
- Diseases: No diseases
- Who did I play with the most/hang out with: Probably my daddy.
11. What sources of information about yourself are available to you, for example, baby books, family records, albums, photos, traditional stories?
- I got my records from baby books, family photos, albums, and records.
December, 2010
July 14, 2012
First started piano class.
First started art class.
June, 2012
Learned how to swim.
Met my friend Sarah in fifth grade.
September, 2011
May 24, 2014
June 6, 2014
Earned two trophies at a piano competition.
Received Presidential Award, all A honor roll, and graduated elementary school.
Earned Honorable Mention in an Art Show.
June 21, 2014
As to my personality, I am little shy instead of outgoing and talkative. Even though I don't talk a lot, I would love to make new friends and really enjoy talking to my friends that I have now. I like my school and teachers, and feel happy when with working with good friends, and making progress or good grades. I am sensitive with some unexpected accidents, and may cry out and feel depressed. However, sometimes I can recover quickly. Speak of which, my brother says I'm bipolar, or that my emotions can change very easily. However, I will help out anyone or show small acts of kindness because sometimes people can be grumpy when they have bad days, so it is also good to help out someone in need.
Some of my faults is that I cannot explain things well. I think in my mind about what I believe as a good explanation or good reason, and when I actually talk, I pretty much don't say half of the words in my mind. For example, I'm try to answer someone's question "Do you know what fault means?" and I think inside my head "I think the word fault means a terrible or unsatisfactory feature to a person traits and character.". However, I actually say "Um, it probably means terrible features to someone's character, and uh, yeah, the bad features. and stuff, sure.". Something that is also a fault is that I can be very hesitant and cannot make a choice. Actually, most of the time, I really can't make a decision at all. For example, let us say that I have to choose between cats and dogs, so I will think of all the positives and negatives to each choice but I also get so nervous that I can't think clearly.
I haven't really changed from last year except that I grew a bit taller and might of gain more weight. Actually, I am shorter and weigh less than the average kid in my age so that is a little weird and also, I'm pretty sure my face hasn't changed as much because since my brother Raibert has college at Georgia Tech, he sometimes takes the bus to come back home for 2 months (I know, that is a really long time!). He says to me "Hey! Uh, did you grew or change at all? You look exactly the same! And you still have your, uh, bull-cut.". I'm still the same, shy from strangers and waiters apparently, and I'm still the same wacky sister to my brothers.
What makes me ME is that I like to play video games with my brothers but I still work hard in school so I can have a more successful and better life. I like to be creative by drawing, sketching, and painting. I also try to learn Chinese and to play piano better so I can improve in other skills than just art.
Traveled to China.
Traveled to Taiwan.
Met my friend Gabi at After school program.
June, 2009
June 26, 2008
August 5, 2008
August, 2009
First day starting elementary school.
An important thing that happened to me in my life is when my family had to move from Alaqua Lakes to Oviedo. This was probably the worst and also most depressing event, but it is still important to me and my family. The whole process was really tedious and my brothers and I wanted it to be over because it basically took the whole day. It was so tiring I just wanted it to be over with. It took a while to adjust to the new environment and middle school, but we are able to make this transition work. Another important event that was special is when I entered an art show and was so excited to discover that I earned an honorable mention! Even though it isn't first or second place, it's still something that I'm proud of earning. Also, in May 2014, I traveled to Jacksonville for piano state competition. After two weeks of waiting, I finally received my very first two trophies! The other best events that happened to me were when I received the Presidential Award, all A honor roll, and graduated in fifth grade! It feels amazing to know that I actually earned these special awards for all the hard work I have done from kindergarten to fifth grade! I had to admit, I feel a bit scared to be in front of a bunch of students and parents, but I was so excited that I really didn't notice that much and still proud of myself no matter what!
5. Memorable Events
Pictures of my two trophies I earned in the piano competition.
Pictures of my Presidential Award, all A honor roll, and when I graduated elementary school.
Pictures of my Honorable Mention I earned from the Art Show.
Someone that I admire is my friend Shirley because she is very hardworking, always tries her best, and she also got the chance to compete in the Spelling Bee and she was amazing! She is also very kind to me so I really think she is an amazing person and friend. I also admire this person called Zoey and she is very cool and helpful. She always makes me smile when I'm feeling depressed or lonely. I think she is an inspiration and very optimistic.
My idea of having a good time is definitely playing video games with my brothers. I love to play on the Wii U or on the computer. Whenever my brother Raibert comes home from Georgia Tech, we would put food in the oven, then exercise in the garage, and when the food is ready, we go to the bedroom where our Wii U is, and we would play "The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword", "Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze", etc. I would also play "Tales of Symphonia", "Project M" for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and other co-op games on Michael's computer.
I might also plan to write my own music and lyrics but I would need music equipment to do that and it would take a lot of hard work. I also wish to improve my art skills because I really need to work on human facial features, especially eyes, lips, and noses because those are horrible to make it look decent! I also dream of not having to grow up but that would probably either impossible or have a small chance of being possible, so I might also want to become a scientist and learn more about that.
From my brother Raibert-
"What makes Elizabeth special is the fact that she always views the world with curiosity! She applies her curiosity to the things she loves to do, such as drawing and playing games. For instance, she'll always attempt to find secrets or "hidden items" in the games she loves to play. Furthermore, whenever there's a puzzle to solve you can bet that she'll be there to have a crack at it. Her ability to think imaginatively and creatively never ceases to amaze people!"
From my daddy-
"My daughter is a very smart and polite kid. Although she is kind of shy but actually she is pretty much aware of what she is up to. She always shows her smartness when there is a critical moment when nobody else can figure out the problem. She is good with math and is also has some talent in art and music. There is always one thing I want to know which is how she act when she is not with me because she is always a baby to me and with me regardless when the time goes by."
From my mommy-
"Elizabeth is a special kid full of love, joy and gifts. She is the youngest and the only daughter of our family. We and her two big brothers all love her so much. She always tries to do her best, work hard, and pay attention to details. She loves her family, school and teachers, and enjoys art, math, and volleyball."
From my best friends Gabi and Shirley last year-
"You are SUPER SMART, and a great friend! Thanks for being who you are!"
"You never make a careless mistake and it's hard to make you laugh! Ease up!"
From my brother Michael-
P.S. my brother wouldn't write anything about me except that I have a bull-cut and that I am obsessed with My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Littlest Pet Shop which was pretty funny to me.
I'm really interested in drawing and creating my own art projects. I also really like to play video games with my brothers if I have time. However, I really don't like playing competitively. I enjoy playing co-op or cooperation games with they so only co-op if you want the play with me! I also really like to play soccer and basketball during my free time. Some good habits I have is I make a schedule or plan for what I'm going to do for the day and I work on the most important things first than the less important ones. A bad habit I have is that sometimes I say I will do something today, and then I end up not doing most of it so that is really bad.
When I was young, I would to suck on two of my fingers and it was damaging my skin. So my father got me out of the habit of sucking my fingers by pulling my fingers out of my mouth. Then I would put them back in, but he would take them out again, and this process would repeat a few times. But then, he would take them out, and put them back in my mouth, so I then took them out, and I never sucked on those to fingers again. I went to preschool when I was little because my parents both have to work and no one in the house could take care of me. Also my brother were not able to take care of me because they were in elementary or middle school by then. I would also go to Disney and Sea World with my family when I was young because we really enjoyed watching the shows, animals, and hanging out at the park.
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3. My Family
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Some things I feel strongly about is that everyone should show small acts of kindness to each other, that there shouldn't be wars, and that everyone should be equal. I feel strongly about kindness because if everyone shows a bit of kindness, then this world would probably be a bit of a better place and there wouldn't be a lot of wars, fights, and weapons. We wouldn't have to fight each other since we are so nice and caring to each other. If someone helped you out by maybe picking up things you dropped or help you work on a project that was due, would you really want to beat them up or hurt their feelings? That would just be plain cruel! I also think that people should be equal because how does it make sense if you really tried hard on a test and got an A while someone else didn't have to work hard at all and they got an A too. Even though I know that I shouldn't really care at all, but it wouldn't really be fair to me because the person who used a lot of effort actually deserved it, while the other person didn't.
Some things that are important to me: be kind to everyone, be generous, work hard and get good education. I think that being kind to everyone you meet is important because it means that you are helping out other people which makes you and the person you are helping feel happier and better about themselves. I also think you should work hard and get good education because that will help you become successful in the future.
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So that concludes my digital autobiography and I really hope you enjoyed reading it and it was cool and interesting to you. Thank you for watching/reading my autobiography and I hope you have a great day! Bye!
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