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Places Around the World

No description

Savannah Isenhour

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Places Around the World

The Continents and The Oceans Of The World
Today, you will be learning about the 7 Continents of the World!! What they are? Where they are? What is the 7 Continents of the World? Check out this powerpoint to learn more about the 7 Continents of the World!
Also today, you will be learning about the 5 Oceans of the World. I thought there was 4 Oceans? But there is 5 Oceans. We will watch a video on the 5 Ocean. Do you know at least 1 Ocean? Write it down and you could get some prize!!! Enjoy the powerpoint and I hope you learn something!!!!!
The First Continent is NORTH AMERICA. North America is where we live. North America is home to most people and animals!! North America is also named " United States Of America." In North America there is alot of birds, wildlife, trees, crops, and PEOPLE. North America is a huge body of land!!!! North America is the 4th biggest Continent.
1st Continent of the World
The 1st Ocean of the World is ATLANTIC OCEAN. The Atlantic Ocean is in between North America, South America, and Africa.
The 2nd Continent of the World is SOUTH AMERICA. South America is right below North America. South America speaks Spanish. It is a Big Continent, it is the 3rd largest continent. South America does not have as much people as North America does.
2nd Continent Of The World
The 3rd Continent of the World is AFRICA. Africa is right across from South America. In Africa they speak African. Africa is the 2nd largest Continent.
3rd Continent Of The World
1st Ocean Of the World
The 4th Continent of the World is EUROPE. Europe is right across from North America. Europe is not a big Continent.
4th Continent Of The World
The 5th Continent of the World is ASIA. Asia is the BIGGEST Continent of the World. It is so big that it takes a little over 1/4 of the World. That is pretty BIG. Asia is all the way on the other side of Africa and Europe.
5th Continent Of The World
The 6th Continent of the World IS AUSTRALIA. Australia is a little bigger than Europe. Australia is a beautiful place. Australia is right above of Antarctica.
6th Continent Of The World
The 7th Continent of the World is Antarctica. Antarctica is big. Antarctica is all covered by ice and snow.
7th Continent Of The World
The 2nd Ocean of the World is the PACIFIC OCEAN. The Pacific Ocean is the LARGEST OCEAN OF THE WORLD. It is located between Asia and North America.
2nd Ocean Of The World
The 3rd Ocean of the World is ARTIC. The Arctic Ocean is the SMALLEST ocean in the World. The North Pole is located on top of the Arctic Ocean.
3rd Ocean Of The World
The 4th Ocean of the World is INDIAN OCEAN. The Indian Ocean is located between Africa, Asia, and Australia. It is the 3rd largest Ocean in the World.
4th Ocean Of The World
The 5th Ocean of the World is the SOUTHEREN OCEAN. It is now become the 5th Ocean of the World. The ocean was discovered this year. It is located around Antartica.
5th Ocean In The World
Thank you for watching my powerpoint!!! I hope you learned something today. Have a great day and thank you for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You!!!
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