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Copy of Life insurance in PL

No description

Maira khan

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Life insurance in PL

Anna Gradon Life insurance
Poland and EU countries Life insurance- definition Life insurance in Poland The end!
Thank you for attention! Life insurance cover has 2 main purposes:

substitutes for the insured's income if he or she dies
qualifies the insured for favorable tax treatment

Life insurance products can be divided into two main categories:
protection policies (these are classic life insurance products)
savings/investment policies (can increase your capital for future pension funding) How does it work? market is dominated by foreign companies (hold 77 percent of stake in life insurances and nearly 80 percent in property companies)
more than 500 insurance companies operate on the basis of the so-called notification
11th place in Europe in terms of premiums collected annually (16.9 billion) Bibliography Policy Holder Premiums paid to insurance co. Policy paid to the beneficiary Law Regulations concerning the insurance market in Poland are contained in three main acts. These are:

Insurance Activity Act

Insurance Brokerage Act

Compulsory Insurance, IFG and PMIB Act

Solvency II Framework Directive Financial performance Life insurance in Europe European Insurance Industry is the biggest in the world- 36% share in the global market
about 5 500 insurance companies
the biggest ones: UK, Germany, France, Italy
average amount European citizens spend on life insurance products each year differs greatly from country to country(excluding Liechtenstein, in 2010 it ranged from €2 844 in Finland down to €15 in Bulgaria and Turkey) Types of life insurance in Poland life insurance
endowment insurance, birth insurance
life insurance if related to capital investment fund (unit-linked procucts)
accident and sickness insurance if they supplement the kinds of insurance specified above Market operators source:http://www.insuranceeurope.eu Distribution channels source:http://www.insuranceeurope.eu Life insurance companies in Poland source:www.piu.org.pl http://www.in-sure.ru/files/pdf/Life-08/Beata%20Balas-Noszczyk.pdf
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