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The Odyssey


hannah adams

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Odyssey

" Homer adresses the muse of epic
poetry. He asks for her help in
telling the tell of Odysseus." "Six benches were left empty in every ship." " My name is Nohbdy: mother father and friends everyone calls me Nohbdy." Odysseus deceives the cyclops by telling him his name is nohbdy. So, when the cyclops called to the others for helped they were tricked into thinking nobody has hurt him. Odysseus lied to the cyclops about his ship being wrecked to protect his other men. "My ship? Posiden lord, who sets the earth a tremble broke it up on the rocks at your lands end..."

"We are surviors, these good men and I." Odysseus didnt tell them about Scylla because he didnt want them to panic. "But as I sent them towards Scylla, I told them nothing, as the could do nothing. They would have dropped their oars again, in panic..." Athena makes Odysseus look like a beggar so the suitors wont recongized him.
"Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar."
While Odysseus disguised as a beggar is distracting the suitors, Telemachus hides all the weapons. "A beggar by my looks, hangdog and old. If they make fun of me in my own courtyard, let your ribs cage up your springing heart, no matter what I suffer, no matter if they pull me by the heels and practice shots at me, to drive me out. Look on, hold down your anger..."


0" " I shall signal to you, nodding: at that point round up all armor, lances, gear of war, left in our hall, and stow the lot away back in the vaulted storeroom." By Madison Alexander and Hannah Adams
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