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Maximum Ride Series: The Protectors: Fang

AR Book Prezi Project

Chaia Sadler

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Maximum Ride Series: The Protectors: Fang

MAXIMUM RIDE FANG THE PROTECTORS James Patterson The author of the series Maximum Ride was written by James Patterson. Little is known about his personal life, but much is known about his career and achievements. Patterson holds the record for maintaining 5 #1 best selling novels in the New York times each year since 2005 with Maximum Ride being one of them. Patterson also holds the record for largest amount of books to make the New York times best seller list, with that number being 63 in total. Setting The setting in the beginning for the book Fang, in the Maximum Ride series, is in clouds, quite literally, however the main characters soon arive in South Africa to help feed the starving people. The emotionally atmosphere is rather tense, and stays that one after a rather large and abrupt anouncement from one of the main characters. Maximum Maximum, or "Max" for short, is the major character in the Maximum Ride series, considering it is named after her and told in her perspective. Max is the leader of the group known as "The Flock", as she is the eldest. Max is tall and thin with dirty blonde hair, has a wing span of about 14 to 15 feet, and is usually seen wearing jeans, combat boots or sneakers, and a dirty t-shirt, if not blood stained. Fang Fang is the second eldest and the second in command of The Flock. He has dark, black hair, is rather expressionless at most times, has a wingspan of about 14 to 15 feet, and is usually seen wearing all black clothing. Iggy Iggy is the third eldest, and is blind, although he always seems to know where he's going. He works well with explosives and electronics, and has a wing span of 14 to 15 feet. Nudge Nudge is one of the younger members of The Flock, and is described as very sweet and caring, and has a small obsession with fashion. She has a wing span of about 12 to 13 feet. Gazzy Gazzy is the second youngest of the flock and works well with explosives. He is the brother of Angel, has spikey blond hair, and has a wing span of about 9 to 10 feet Angel Angel is the youngest of the flock and the sister of Gazzy. She appears to be innocent and sweet, but is persistant in the idea that she take over The Flock, rather than have Max lead. She has the ability to control peoples minds and force them to do whatever she wishes, can breath under water, and can shape shift into certain forms if she so wishes. She has blonde curly hair and has a wing span of about 6 to 7 feet. Conflict The main problem in this story is that at the very beginning of the book, Angel says that Fang will be the first of The Flock to die. Max is outraged by this, and nearly throttles Angel, however The Flock soon stops her and calms her down. The Flock soon after runs away and decides to try to live a normal life, at least for a few weeks. However, Angel convinces The Flock that Max shouldn't be in charge, and vote that she leave. Fang follows her. Resolution In the end, Fang does die, but only for ten minutes or so at the most, before Max arrives and injects liquid adrenaline into his heart, which does bring him back. Angel feels guilty about letting all of this happen, and The Flock allows Max to return and lead them. Summary The Maximum Ride revolves around Max and The Flock. For these aren't just your regular story main character heros. The Flock all have wings, hence the name. They grew up in dog crates in a lab and were experimented on. They finally escaped thanks to the help of one of the scientists who worked there, Jeb, who took care of them for two years before dissapearing, and was found, once again at the lab. The Flock had been running around and away from the school ever since. Fang, is the sixth book in the Maximum Ride series, and much has happened leading up to the sixth book. In the sixth book itself, Max has to both regain The Flock's trust, and find a way to save Fang, if he really is to die.
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