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No description

Mr. Stack

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is something used to generally relax the human body. When you are in this "trance like state" you are more open minded to commands and suggestions. This method is used in many. One of these things is therapy.
The patent interrupt is when you partially interrupt something that someone is used to doing. When you perform this "move" the person goes into a form of confusion. This confusion makes your patient more open minded to your command which is in this case sleep. Also when hypnotizing someone you can do something to put them into a state of shock which I will talk about later because it is a completely different
way of making your patient more open minded.
the shock
In this slide I'm going to be talking about another way you can make your patient more open minded to commands. What you do is make the person feel relaxed then do something to interrupt the relaxation kind of like the patent interrupt.
Hypnosis Tips
One tip is to not stop talking to your
"subject" because if you do the person will come out of the trance because they will feel uncomfortable and unoccupied. Another tip is when you are talking I suggest talking quietly and softly because you don't want the person to feel uncomfortable.
There is actually a big difference between shocking someone and using the patent interrupt. One difference is one involves, well, shocking. The shocking is more more of a physical way to access the trance like state, whereas the patent interrupt is more relaxing in my opinion. All in all both ways are very effective on your patient.
The Patent
The Difference Between the
Hypnosis is something used access the trance like state. You can think of the trance like state as a form of sleeping but at the same time being awake.
Now is the time to see a demonstration by me!
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