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Characteristics of successful university

No description

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Characteristics of successful university

The features of successful universities
Detail 1
in research-related and in teaching-related activities
talent academics and students
impact to the world’s knowledge, health, wealth and well-being
Universities ranking
Detail 3
ARWU Indicators:
Number of Alumni of Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists
Number of Staff of Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists and etc

Detail 4
Key points for defining of successful university

Teaching: the learning environment
Research: volume, income and reputation
Citations: research influence
International outlook: staff, students and research
Industry income: innovation
Universities ranking

A high concentration of talent

• Sufficient resources for advanced research

• Favorable governance

Shattock M. Managing Successful Universities (2003)

Russell Group Papers – Issue 4, 2012. Jewels in the crown:
The importance and characteristics of the UK’s world-class universities

Salmi, J. The challenge of establishing world-class universities .
World Bank (2009)

University guide 2014:University College Londontheguardian.com, Tuesday 4 June 2013

A World Bank report
–a high concentration of talent, both faculty and students

- sufficient resources

–favorable governance

17th in the world
and 5th in Europe in the 2012-13
UCL is ranked 21st in the world and
3rd in Europe in the 2013

The Russell Group
We define a world-class university as an institution that has a high concentration of excellence, talent and modern infrastructure, that is utilized with vision and creativity to deliver excellent learning and research in order to make a significant contribution to the world’s knowledge, health, wealth and well-being
Successful universities are the most successful separately in research-related and in teaching-related activities: excellence in both goes hand in hand. It also suggests that there are strong links between academic success and success in broadening the university s role in a wider economic and social agenda.
Michael Shattock
UCL has around 26,220 students and 10,100 staff
26 Nobel prize winners
3 Fields Medal recipients
more than 4,078 academic research staff - 50 departments and institutes

11 associated teaching hospitals
Staff Satisfaction Survey
more than 80% - "go the extra mile"
Sufficient resources
Favorable governance
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