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The Accordion

Do research on accordions. How are they made? What types of music are they used for? How do they create music?

Kelly Mannion

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The Accordion

The Accordion How is the accordion made? 1. The wooden parts are cut into the appropriate shapes by jigs and presses.
2. The plastic components such as the buttons and keys are produced by injection molding.
3. “Various processes are used to construct the many metal parts of an accordion. These typically involve melting the metal to a liquid form, then placing it in a preformed mold. When the metal is cooled and hardened, the mold is opened and the part is complete. In the case of the reeds, the metal is specially treated by a process called tempering. This reduces the hardness and brittleness of the metal, making it more ductile and tough.”
4. Next, the reeds are screwed to an aluminum alloy reed plate.
5. A leather or plastic valve is secured on the open end of each slot on the reed plate.
6. The reed plated are arranged in a very specific order and are then attached to a wooden reed block. These blocks are then put in the treble and bass side casings.
7. The bellows is typically supplied by outside manufacturers, and they are made by folding and pleating strong cardboard and reinforcing it with leather and steel strips. The bass casings and the treble are attached and sealed to it with wax to prevent air leakage.
8. After all the main parts have been assembled, various decorative finishing touches are put onto the accordion.
9. Next, the accordions are packaged to be shipped. What types of music are accordions used for? Accordions and different versions of the accordion are used in canjun music, in Eastern European music, in Argentine tango, classical music, Celtic music, and in many other types of music world wide. The accordion is often used in folk music in Europe, North America and South America. How do accordions create music? Accordions make noise when the bellows fill with air and the air is forced out of hole which has a small reed over them. The accordion makers tune these reeds by hand, and each note may use anywhere from one to four reeds. The more reeds that are used, the more volume. Pictures By: Kelly Mannion
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