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Is it a Big Deal or a Little Deal?

No description

Elizabeth Hayden

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Is it a Big Deal or a Little Deal?

Do I know what to do? Is it a Big Deal or a Little Deal? Is it a Little Deal? Sometimes if things are
a BIG deal you need a
teacher or other adult to help. How do I know when it is a Little Deal? When it's a little deal...
Measure it 1: Measure things from 1 to 3 You can measure from 1 to 3.
Some times if it is a medium deal
you feel disappointed. He bumped me! Opps! I accidentally
bumped her. Excuse me!
I bumped you
accidentally! Oh. Ok. It was an
accident! What can you do to keep yourself calm? I can think to myself... Did he mean to
bump me? I don't think
so... It's no big deal!
It's a little deal. Is it a medium deal? How do I know it's a
medium deal? That is my favorite book! That is my favorite
book! She has the book I want! I can take a deep
breath! I can take a deep
breath! Say to yourself.
It's a 1.
It's a little deal!
I can think to myself... I'm disappointed!

I wanted that book. Maybe I can get it next time.

It's not a Big Deal...
only a Medium Deal. I will be o.k.
I can handle
this by myself. When it's a medium deal...
Measure it 2: Say to yourself.
It's a 2.
It's a medium deal!
Is it a BIG Deal? What do I do if it's a BIG Deal? I'm disappointed,
but I will be o.k. YOU TOOK MY BALL!!!
I HATE YOU!!! I didn't take your ball!
Don't yell at me. I HATE YOU!!!
I will NEVER be your friend! He's yelling at me.
My feelings are hurt
and I am a little bit
scared. You can measure from 1 to 3.
Some times if it is a BIG deal
you feel very upset. When it's a big deal...
Measure it 3: I can think to myself: This is a BIG deal.
I am upset. I can walk away. I can tell a teacher. If its a little deal or a medium
deal you can handle it yourself... That's how you know... I can handle this
myself. That's a cool book.
I'm going to check
it out next time. I'll tell you when I turn
it back in! I can handle this
by myself. He was yelling
at me. Say to yourself.
This is a Big Deal.
I am upset. Walk away from
the situation. Ask yourself, "Will quiet
time help?" Tell a teacher
if you need help. Take a deep breath.
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