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April 30th presentation for CAIS best practices.

Jennifer Dousett

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of CAIS

The Collingwood Transition Our move into the 21st Century has been purposeful and planned Many changes have been made to our teaching and learning Putting the Plan into action Start with the library New Faculty members New Director of Instructional Growth

Head of Library Services

2 P/T Teacher librarians

Head of Technology Integration Enhance quality teaching and learning opportunities to support teaching and student learning

Collaboratively develop and monitor school/department learning goals based on evidence of student learning

Inspire, support and lead innovation to support student learning

Provide guidance regarding current instructional and assessment practices and their impact on student learning
Supports academic courses through integration and teaching of research skills Mentor teacher for teaching and planning lessons with technology Teacher Librarian and Head of Tech work together to plan, model and team teach with classroom teachers Director of Instructional Growth Head of Library Services + 2 teacher librarians Head of Technology Integration Our Investment:
Time + Money
= change Our Quest began in the library What was once only a place of silent reading... ...is now a place of 21st Century learning. Student projects designed to enhance critical thinking and imagination Begin with a focus Grade 6 and work up and down Students in grade 6 can
use software to cite resources
manage their research and notes electronically
work collaboratively with others using tech
compile their knowledge into a creative project What does this look like? Teachers have as much or as little help as they want/need The past two years have been pushing us toward the new Collingwood Framework for Learning this includes: critical thinking imagination development of solid work habits and assessment for learning...for students and teachers For our students: For our teachers continued push for 21st century teaching and learning Grassroots movements like PD Committee, Tech Committee help and support to make this change Library and Technology representatives part of the department In the end, our goal is to provide our students with the tools to become successful, life long learners. Essentially, to prepare them to "lead meaningful lives" in the 21st Century. In the Senior School, we focus on tools that enhance learning
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