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PR + Social Media Summit recap

No description

Laura Stanelle

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of PR + Social Media Summit recap

pr + Social media summit 2010.
eight hours of awesome. "When you ask for money, power found in those who receive, not those who ask." ONLINE VIDEO IS WHERE IT'S AT. Fastest growing ad technique among emerging formats.
Will surge nearly 40% this year.
Another 36% in 2011. Starting out? Go for "evergreen" content. Think beyond your website. Stand Out! Find an opportunity to showcase what you do best.
Hijack a conversation and offer opportunities for others to share.
Meet a need in an innovative way.
Generate A LOT of quality content.
Do it for a good cause.
Give freely, give often.
Think like those you're trying to reach.
Get sourced...a lot.
PowerPoint? Not so much. Meet prezi.
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