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Ethan's Research Report


Miss Krohn

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Ethan's Research Report

Florida is very green because they have a lot of water fresh and clean that's why it is very green.
Florida also eats oranges
Florida is nice because if you take a flight over Florida it looks relay cool.
they make fresh orange juice.
Florida is an issue because there's a lot of animals.
one of Florida most danger is alligator
when you look out the window on the beach its really nice to see the sea.
another animal is whales,and birds
you should eat there seafood.
Florida is a nice place because there's a lot of trees.
There are bottle-nose dolphins
they grow fresh lemons , fresh vegetables and corn.

Why Florida is green
Florida's Animals

There was a guy named ponce de leon that discovered Florida.
Ponce de leon had slaves in Florida.
When the the slaves died ponce and his crew started to crop.
ponce was the first to go to Florida.
Florida's food
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