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Doctors by

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Doctors by

what are the most commonly used surgical tool ?
The most commonly used idem is the scalpel witch is used to make the cut in the skin (incision), this is used at the very begging of the surgery.
How much do doctors get payed each year ?
What is a doctors work schedule ?
Doctors are almost always on call. call is when they can call you in work whether you are out with your family or can be far away . so they normally get about 1 day off every month
Diabetes; Heart conditions ; and unfortunately suicide
Doctors by
Kamryn Betcher

what are the most common diseases they see
what is the most common tool they use during the day ?
the most common used tool is the stethoscope this identifies
the timing of the pulse/heart
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