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Cierra Wood

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By:Cierra Wood Feline Leukemia Do you care? FELINE LEUKEMIA Feline Leukemia is the leading killer of cats today. The virus is spread by prolonged cat-to-cat contact and through bite wounds. The virus is shed in saliva, tears, urine, and feces. It is unstable in the environment and easily killed by warmth and drying. Fifty percent of these cats also have Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Half of these cats die because of Secondary Infections and ninety percent develop cancer. Facts about Feline Leukemia Signs of Feline Leukemia Pale whitish gum color instead of normal bright pink color and weakness (occurs due to red blood cell loss which is called Anemia.)
Yellow discoloration to skin called jaundice (occurs due to liver failure )
Depression, appetite and weight loss Differnces between human and feline leukimia Sites When you see animals on the side of the road dead how do you react? Because that could be a persons pet that they have been looking for. And think about it this way what if that was your animal laying dead in the road? Would you still be so careless and run over it again? Some people call it stupidity that the animal would run across the road but i bet you would to if you were them.They were probably hungry for food. I know some go for no reason but others are hungry, thirsty, or being chased by a predator. A pregnant cat infected with leukemia can transmit the disease to her unborn kittens.
All three viruses can be transmitted from a mother to her kittens. Cats apparently recovered from FELV, FIP and FIV can act as “carriers” and shed the viruses.
None of these three viruses live long in the environment. Six weeks is the maximum and that’s for FIP. Disinfectants like bleach easily kill all three viruses.
Viral diseases that suppress the immune system like FELV and FIV can reactivate FIP. Treatment for symptoms of feline leukemia also involves keeping your cat as healthy as possible. Feed your cat a nutritious,
well balanced diet. Avoid
raw meat and eggs and unpasteurized dairy
because your
cat will be
parasites and food borne bacterial infections. http://www.cat-health-guide.org/feline-leukemia-treatment.html Differences between Feline Leukemia and Dog Leukemia
Dog 2 types of leukemia acute or chronic It is when the red blood cells are being attacked by white blood cells
It usual happens at older ages
A sign of canine leukemia is bad vision There is no cure but you should make them as comfortable as comfortable Cat Research evidence to date shows no possibility that Feline Leukemia is
Transmissible to humans.

It is the closest related item to the aids virus of people know today!
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