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Math Vocabulary

No description

Karen Simmons

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Math Vocabulary

Math Vocabulary
Fractions are halves of a whole just like one half or three fives.
So pretend you five friends and six apples each want one. you have an apple and so do every one else
. The fraction in this math problem would be six fives! There will be a picture
A Numerator is the number on top of a fraction. This number is the number that was taking away from the Denominater. If i had 50 crayons and took away 40 would be the Numerator. There will be a picture
The Denominator is the number on the lower half of a fraction. This number is the whole before the Numerator is taking away. this number can be a range of different numbers! If you have a Denominator that's your whole.
Multiple are multiplying different numbers. So say you are at the candy shop and there are 3 rows of 4 bubble gum. you want a faster way to count them of in stead of counting by ones. the array is in 3 going down and 4 going across. You count 3 4 times on your fingers and that equals 12. There will be a picture!
Factors are The two numbers that are used for a multiplication problem. There will be a factor in every multiplication problem! The Numbers range from any number. Say you have six groups of 7 the factors in that would be six and seven.
Fractions are pieces of
some thing whole
By: Mckensi
The number
above the
fraction bar
in a fraction
The product
Of a given
The number
below the
fraction bar.
The total number
number equal parts
in all.

The number
together to
find a product
Line Of Symmetry
first of all the line of symmetry is a very scientific name. So you know how when your a little kid and your taught about shapes and stuff well this is about shapes just a little more informative. This line is about dividing equal parts. Say you have a note pad and you want to divide it into half, your teacher says after you divide the paper you have to write what the line is called. That line is very important to making me a sandwich *irrelevant I know don't comment*.

Having more then
one item or even
Another name for
reflection on symetrie
One half is the is the reflection of the other half.
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