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No description

Robyn Black

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Sponsorship

The Impact of Brand
of Music Festivals What is sponsorship? Methodology Introduction Conclusion Would we consider it? Yes Cost effective Coverage Youth Market Brand Association Restrictions on advertising Government legislation:

On ways alcohol can be advertised
Easier and more effective to use sponsorship Growing opportunities with emergence of new festivals Different segments within youth group Different festivals attract each group; sponsors can specifically target their brand festivals = television coverage;
TV coverage = wider brand placement Music festivals = cool and attractive
Association with having a good time Fits alongside "4 P's" and traditional advertising techniques Music creates emotional connection between consumer and brand Values Kerrang! Oxfam Carling Tennents Heineken Nokia 'humorous, loud, specialised, fun, young, interesting, boring, bland and diluted' 'old, outdated and in need of funding' 'tasty, refreshing, fun, drunk,
good times and young' 'old, poor and unexciting' 'young, fun, smiles, laughter, tasty, silly,
irresponsible and wile' Festival goers welcome alcohol sponsorship as alcohol is a part of the festival experience.

Some people felt sponsors were over selling at music festivals.

You'd rather be at the festival drinking Carling than at home drinking your favourite lager! 'stylish and reliable' 'young, fun and modern' Why Sponsor Events? Youth Untapped Markets Disposable Income Brand Awareness Brand Sports Alcohol Sponsorship? Brand Image Old, Poor, Unexciting Global Audience Cost Effective Lets Not Forget... 'We all use objects and by extension brands to signify our
status, attitudes, background and state of mind
to our fellow human beings’

O'Mully (1991) "Sponsorship is the alignment of a brand with an activity in order to exploit the commercial potential created by the association, thereby positively impacting brand image and/or sales amongst the sponsors target market, in order to attain marketing and corporate objectives"

- Ludi Koekemoer (2004) Results of the brand recall, brand awareness and attitude change towards the brand questions (%) Reading & Leeds Download V Festival Oxygen Other

Increase brand awareness 45 31 64 45 43

Changed attitude to brand 24 6 42 22 22 Brand use (%)

Daily Regularly Occasionally Rarely Never

Use Prior 4 10 28 29 29

Use After 4 9 28 26 33 Major concerns about sponsorship 35% worried in general about negative effects of sponsorship. As alcohol is a typical sponsorship, people presume it is an integral part of the festival experience, which proves to be of concern to some. Concerns (%)
A lot Moderate Some Little Not at all
alcohol 5 7 9 25 54

Underage 10 12 21 23 34

Theft 5 10 10 22 53

Violence 7 12 14 28 39

Health risk 4 8 16 29 43

pressure 9 14 20 14 43 Advertising Restrictions 1. Demographic profile

2. Identify the last music festival attended

3. Can respondents recall brands from festival?

4. Attitudes towards alcohol sponsorship Brand awareness and ussage
Consumer concerns
Alcohol = negative concerns
Effective? How effective is music festival sponsorship?
Concerns of alcohol sponsors?
Branding is a 'living entity' Bibliography Koekemoer, Ludi., 2004. "Marketing Communications". South Africa: Juta and Co. Ltd.
Armstrong, Gary. et al., 2012. "Marketing: An Introduction", 2nd Edition, Essex: Pearson Education Ltd.
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Sloan, Rory., 2012. “Think BR: There's more to live-event sponsorship than music festivals” http://www.brandrepublic.com/opinion/1127906/Think-BR-Theres-live-event-sponsorship-music-festivals/ accessed 17th October 2012
Fisk, Peter., 2006. "Marketing Genius". Chichester: Capstone Publishing Ltd.
O'Mully., 1991. "Accountancy", vol. 107. America: University of California.
Alcohol Industry Standards. "Advertising" www.ais.org.uk/resources/factsheets/advertising.pdf [accessed 17th October 2012]
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