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Social Media and your Job Search

No description

Doug Leong

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Social Media and your Job Search

Social Media and Your Job Search
Social Media = Internet sites in which people interact - Sharing ideas and information about multiple topics

1969 - Compuserve was one of the first major commerical internet providers who used dial up to connect to the web

1971 - First Email was sent

1985 - AOL was founded - one of the most popular providers of internet

1997 - AOL instant messaging

Social media sites used the by recruiters, hiring managers, and employers?
- 87% use it

Social Media Sites -
Which ones are best for professionals?

Tap into extended networks.

Less time and money to hire.

Find quality talent.

Research information on possible candidates.

Jobvite.com's 2015 Social Recruiting survey found that...

92% of recruiters use social networks to support recruitment efforts.

- 55% use it
- 47% use it
Stand Out...

Create a personal website or homepage
(http://flavours.me or http://about.me)

Create an online resume

Share professional, interesting content - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, foursquare, pintrest, etc.

Your Online Marketing
"Social Media is a billboard, not a private telephone conversation."
Control your Online
Why use Social Media in your job search?
Shows you're up-to-date with technology

Create a professional online presence

Build your professional contacts.

Research and follow industries and companies

Makes you visible to hiring managers and recruiters.
Think Before You Post

Ability to connect with millions of professionals
Find out information about companies
Find people who work at companies
Search for jobs and who in your network can connect you to that job or to the individual who posted the job

Why employers use Social Media
Provocative or inappropriate photographs or information – 46%
Are you worried about getting Googled or Pipled?
* Based on Job Vite's 2015 Job Seekers Survey
55% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile.
*2014 Job Vite Social Recruiting Survey
What Did Employers Find on Social Media Sites That Made Them Decide to Pass on a Job Candidate? (Career Builder Survey, 2014)
It's not all bad news...

33 percent of employers who researched candidates found content that made them more likely to hire a candidate.

Employers who use social media to hire found a 44 percent improvement in candidate quality over candidates sourced only through traditional recruiting channels
Job Vite's 2014 Employer Social Recruiting Survey Results for LinkedIn:

94% of employers search for and contact candidates
93% of employers keep tabs on potential candidates
93% of employers investigate an applicant's background and qualifications pre-interview
92% of employers post jobs
79% of employers have hired through LinkedIn
Why Use
Drinking or using drugs – 41%
Bad-mouthed their previous company or fellow employee – 36%
Showing poor communication skills – 32%
Discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion etc. – 28%
Lied about qualifications – 25%
Sharing confidential information from previous employers – 24%
Screen name was unprofessional – 21%
Social Media and Your Job Search
Social media sites used by Job Seekers
- 40% use it

- 67% use it
- 45% use it
Control your privacy settings
Know what others have posted about you
It's not only pictures....Be careful what you tweet or blog
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