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Places of pilgrimage in Jerusalem

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on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Places of pilgrimage in Jerusalem

Places of pilgrimage in Jerusalem
The Dome of Rock was erected by the Muslim ruler Abd el Malik beacause of the situation on bedrock,the numerous earthquakes over the centuries have not caused significant damage to the structure.The shrine was covered by a lead dome from 691 but it was eventually replaced by a golden dome because it started to trust.
Dome of Rock
The Al-Aqsa Mosque ( also known as Baytal-Muqaddas) is the third holiest site in Sunni Islam and is located in the Old City of rusalem.The Al-Aqsa Mosque is near to the The Dome of Rock which is one of the holiest placest in Jerusalem.
Al-Aqsa Mosque
The Temple Mount known to Muslims as

Temple Mount
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