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Heineken Global

Meet CBSO International

zoltan vagyoczky

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Heineken Global


Our international operation conducts a Pan-European research once a year.

2011 Europe on the Move (See additional PDF file)
2012 Interactive Europe (See additional PDF file) The user will not care whether it is QR,
Augmented Reality or snap technology. What
the user wants is something easy to consume

25 - 34 year old male, Spain
Interactive Europe research 2012 The new NTV high speed train link. Place des Victoires Nike - London The Netherlands Cadburry's - Dublin London Head office
Innovation & research centre France CBS Outdoor Countries:
USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, China, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

Contracted partners: Germany, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Unitrer Arab Emiriates We offer a global approach to local markets bringing audiences to touching distance of the advertisers. CBSO Global Approach

CBS Outdoor is the fastest growing division of CBS Corporation representing 15% of the global revenue. Our assets include a variety of formats and technologies including transport, billboards,
street furniture and retail environments.

Through our inventory and our worldwide alliances we can reach 60% of the world's population representing 85% of the world's GDP. Italy Major assets:
London Underground
National Bus Service
National Rail
Shopping Centres
Large format LED Major assets:
Urban Street furniture
National Rail service
Station dominations
Rotterdam Tram service Major assets:
Urban street furniture
Large formats
Airports Major assets:
NTV & TGV high speed trains
Bridge dominations
Street Furniture
Fiumicino Airport Major assets:
National, Regional and local billboards
Spectacular large formats Interactive Europe TM CBSO International offers:

International and local research
Multi-market business agreements
Out of home advice and production
Experimental production and building projects Major assets:
Croke Park Stadium
Dundrum Shopping Centre
Dublin Aircoach Spain North & Central America
USA, Canada and Mexico

Large Format
Special projects Out of Home advertising has benefited from an explosion of relevant interactive technologies from Quick Read (QR) codes to Near Field Communication (NFC), further enhancing what has always been an essentially interactive medium. Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) are also allowing advertisers to
experiment with traditional billboards and to think about using Out of Home in different and more creative ways.

out of home advertising actively supports other forms of medium such as TV, online or mobile. Interaction on the go has become part of our everyday lives.

You can find further details in the attached
"Europe on the Move" and "Interactive Europe" researches. South America
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay

Large formats
Metro & Rail
Street Furniture
USA Canada The mass use of smart mobile devices and the essential need to be connected to the online world is bringing added strength to the Out of Home medium. Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the dominant digital format versus desk bound machines. Gartner forecasts 104 million tablets will be sold worldwide in 2012. By 2015, sales are forecast to rise to 326 million units, surpassing the number of laptops sold annually.
Over the same period of time, smartphone sales will have risenfrom 450 million a year to 1.1 billion.The media landscape has changed significantly in the last decade and the pace of change is accelerating.
Advertisers’ concerns about fragmenting audiences have been intensified by the multitude of platforms now available for people to watch, read, listen and take-part in.
And why is this important and relevant?
CBS Outdoor’s “Europe on the Move” 2011 study www.europeonthemove.com, people are not only using their smart devices to go online and search as a consequence of seeing an Out of Home ad, interactivity is also one of the many ways that advertisers can fulfill audience expectations and stimulate imaginations. Let me take you on a short journey around the globe: China Beijing bus service Large format LED
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