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Homeless in Mexico

No description

Paulina García

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Homeless in Mexico

Political factors
In this factors it affects the poor people because the government reduces the taxes to the companies. And with that money the government could help this people. But sometimes the companies make donations to this people and that affects the economy of those enterprises.
Also it affects the image of the political parties because sometimes they say and create things to eliminate this problem but they can't.
Historical factors
The Industrial Revolution starting in the 1820s-‘30s people began migrating from the farm to the city in search of jobs. Philadelphia and New York had many people walking the streets causing the country’s first pan-handling ordinances. City jails became the factor shelter systems.
Poor safety regulation caused a lot of physical disability and death. Those disabled and widows, many with dependent children had no means to provide for themselves and nowhere to turn. The 1850s brought the first documented cases of homeless youth, many of whom were kicked out of their homes because their providers could no longer afford to raise them.

Economical factors
There are many factors that affect or benefits the economic factor about the homeless in Mexico Homeless are not good to the economic in our country because as they do not do nothing productive to Mexico because they don't work and spend money they don't maintains a good fluency of money.
Also those associations are economically active because with the donations that people dot o the homeless the institution can buy all the necessary so they buy a lot of food and clothes so the economic can have an increase because all of this purchases

During his 6 years as a president:
The 32.7% of the population was without a job.
14.7% of the population had an informal job.
This affect the image of the political party that he is part of, because it means that they couldn't generate more jobs.
The roles in society
The individual: The homeless are the ones who need the help because they don't have nothing.
The family of the person is creating a conflict because they should support them and not abandon as the way they do.
Homeless in Mexico
People who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure, and adequate housing, or lack "fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence
The society has a lot to with this problem because the values that we have as a society are not really good if we don't help the people around us.
The government has a lot to do because is the one that can generates the jobs but sometimes doesn't do anything.
As we all know, there exist hundreds and hundreds of homeless people in Mexico as well as in all over the world. In our country, the main reasons automatically give us the solutions. For example, if one of the reasons why people does not have where to live is because they did not a have any kind of education so then when they become adults anyone give them a job, which means they do not have a source that provides them money yo pay a house or even an apartment. The solution for this cause is that Mexico's government needs to improve or even to make a total revolution for the type of education it brings to the citizens. So then more children could have the opportunity ti have a job when they grow up and never have to be a homeless person. Another reason why the people do not have a home is because they don't wants to, they prefer being alone in the streets than being in a place where their family heats, shout, offend and disrespect them. The solution would be to make evaluations to every family minimum once a year to registrant the environment in which each one lives.
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