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TED Talk Santa Monica College

By Dr. Laurie Scolari

Dr. Laurie Scolari

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of TED Talk Santa Monica College

"Y Qué Tal Si..."
What If High School to Community College Was Seamless?

Study of nearly 10,000 high school students

African-American and Latino students reported being
the most strongly influenced
by counseling services in their post-secondary plans

Lee & Ekstrom, 2011
Counselor Support is Critical For Students of Color
29% of UC and 51% of CSU graduates started at a CCC

CCC transfer students do as well as students who started at a UC or CSU

Average time to degree for transfer students is 2 yrs after coming to the university. Average time to degree for freshman is 4.2 yrs

HS & CC Counselors Collaborated ?
Remediation & Placement Barriers Could Be Removed?
A majority of students of color land in the community college system
Source: CCC Chancellor’s Office (2014) Key Facts

Removing stigma of community colleges - Promoting is as a viable option

Low-income students of color received
less counseling services
, compared to their white and high-income counterparts

Lee & Ekstrom, 2011
Access to High School Counselors
Not Equally Distributed
Ceja, 2000
Pathways to Prosperity, 2011

Community College Counselor To Student Ratio
National Average

1000 to 1
Student feedback across five CA community colleges:

over lack of information they received about community colleges

did not notice a community college presence
at their schools - only received information about four-year colleges.

Venezia (2010)
Community College Information
Rarely Distributed in High Schools
Study: 150 San Francisco Unified Students

Students heard about 4 year app process
of the time

Students heard about CC app process
of the time

Independent T-test showed statistical significance

Community Colleges
Rarely Promoted

High School Counselor to Student Ratio
National Average

3000 to 1
Study 23 urban high schools: less than half of students of color (42%) could access them
After-School Program Providers:
Not Far Reaching Enough
More students complete ALL matriculation steps by May 30 of each year:

On average:
After implementation:

City College of San Francisco

CC placement tests are not aligned with what they are learning in high school
Y Qué Tal Si...
We Removed Transitional Barriers
To Save More Ruby's

1. Apply
2. Test
3. Ed Plan
5. Register
Increased enrollment among target groups:

African-American students increased by
(n = 85 to 100)

Latino students increased by
(n= 221 to 282)

Filipino students increased by

(n= 62 to 81)

Partially addressing access and equity gap
How can we address the policy barriers affecting students like Ruby?
SFUSD and CCSF English Misalignment
Showed up on first day of classes
93% of SFUSD graduates who attend CCSF are placed into remedial math or English
Cross-System Counselor Collaboration
Policy Reform of Placement Exam for Improved Placement

Dr. Laurie Scolari
California Community College Linked Learning (CCCLLI)
Career Ladders Project

Two thirds
of all CC students in CA and nationally enroll in one or more remedial courses (BPS 2003-2004 cohort; CCCO 2009)

assigned to remedial math complete the remedial sequence

assigned to remedial English complete the remedial sequence (Bailey, Jeong & Cho 2008)

Enrolling in remedial courses
affects student’s chances of earning a credential. (Dadgar 2012; Scott-Clayton & Rodriguez 2012)

Access to College Level Courses is Denied to
Many Community College Students

Dr. Laurie Scolari
Director, California Community College Linked Learning (CCCLLI)
Career Ladders Project

Assignment to Remedial Courses: An Equity Issue
90% of colleges use a standardized test (ACCUPLACER or COMPASS)

Math: 1 in 4 students are severely misplaced

English: 1 in 3 are severely misplaced

Being placed too low is 5-6 times more common than being placed too high

Yet the majority of students placed into remediation would have earned a C or higher in a college level course (many a B or higher)
What if....

We used a more accurate measure to place students?

We could shorten students' time to graduation by several years?
Long Beach City College
When Placed by GPA, How do they perform?
Community College -
Most Affordable Option
Recent study - 56% of African American & Latinto students cited costs as a major obstacle in deciding if they should pursue higher education (Noeth & Wimberly, 2004)

Studies show that minority students lack financial information about colleges - a majority perceive they cannot afford it and do not attend (Noeth & Wimberly, 2004)

Many not informed community college is the most affordable option and often free with fee waiver (Board of Governers' Initiative, 2001)
The Case of:
San Francisco Unified &
City College of San Francisco

What if....

We Could Change Ruby's Story?
Students of Color Will Be the Majority by 2020
Noeth & Wimberly, 2004

HS and CC counselors worked in close collaboration?

Community College 5 step application was a mandatory high school requirement?

What If....
18 CCSF counselors and 18 SFUSD counselors coordinate outreach to every high school

5 step enrollment process - mandatory requirement for ALL seniors during school time
N = 933
Studies show a better predictor of student success is high school GPA

HS GPA: North Carolina, Massachusetts, Hawaii (2.7 GPA)

Smarter Balanced Test: Washington State

HS GPA & Math/English courses and grades: CCSF & Long Beach City College

Chancellors Office task force - statewide common assessment and approved multiple measures

Title V: Already allows for using multiple measures

Affecting thousands of students' lives
CCSF, 2010
The Problem With The Placement Exam
What Are We Waiting For?
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