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SHIELD Insurance

No description

Angelica L

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of SHIELD Insurance

Zendaya Coleman
“the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among those under 26 years old than among any other age group.”
Loyal Costumer
“Hi, I’m Zendaya and I’m insured with SHIELD Insurance and thanks to their amazing help, I no longer have to worry about my insurance price being raised when I get into an accident! Also, It's definitely helpful to have this Insurance company because they help you out through the whole process of moving into adulthood.”
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
SHIELD Insurance
Justin Bieber
Loyal Costumer
With our insurance you're
afe, we'll
ave you protected
n any situation and make
very day your
“Hey, I’m Justin Bieber, and I’m here to tell you that with SHIELD Insurance, you get just the right amount of coverage! With the help from a SHIELD agent, I was able to get a personalized package perfect for what I need! I have SHIELD insurance and I’m safe, what about you?”
SHIELD Insurance
Loyal Costumer
“About a year ago I go into an accident, my 21 year old daughter was in the passenger seat and we got hit by an orange Metro bus. Unfortunately, she was killed because her aorta was ruptured. The only people who actually understood all my worries was SHIELD Insurance and gave me 4 months to pay all my bills. In addition, they covered all my daughter’s medical expenses along with my car's damage. I truly thank God for helping me find such supportive people in difficult times.”
- Trinity Portillo, 38 from Duncanville, Texas

Happy Women
Happy Men
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