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Where I am from



on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Where I am from

Where I am from By: Cherry I am from the beautiful
man from the country I am from papers That in later years became master works of art spoiled with the attention of pen ink, paint, and lead #2 pencils I am from late nights in the farmland indulging in the melodies of crickets of the city but may never know your story. I am from the classroom that had only one African American student who was too young to take notice I am from the class room chock-full of African American Students Who did not understand Why I did not understand them I am from the classroom bursting
with diversity
and outstretched arms drawings from beat up crayons with jam
packed light skinned
brown eyed
woman from the city Who met the handsome
dark skinned
brown eyed
I am from the streets
Surrounded by those who look
by chance may speak
I am from the
heartbreak of the
I am from the realization
that at one point I was the typical naive teenager I am from series of summer jobs
coming home energy withered I am from night time parties The heat of numerous people pressed against the heat of your own exposed skin lanes I am from tartan covered tracks white
never ending
lines se par ating
I am from the irrelevant afternoon daydream I am from infinite chapters in countless books I am from the movie viewed only to discharge the reality of one's situation I am from the mind of a young
idependent, yet
still and maybe
forever searching
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