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Effective Writing in a nutshell

No description

Alona Chmilewsky

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Effective Writing in a nutshell

Effective Writing...
in a nutshell
Editing for Brevity
Editing for Clarity
Structure of
the document
'High Skim Value'
Document Design
Consider your audience
Define your Objectives
1. Delete unnecessary words and phrases
2. Shorten long words and phrases
3. Eliminate redundancies
4.Adjust length of the sentences
1. Choose appropriate words
2. Clarify sentence structure
3.Adjust paragraph structure
4.Revise for 'high skim value' design
Macro-Writing Issues
Micro-Writing Issues
By Alona Chmilewsky, MA
Choose the correct style
Dear Alona,
Please find information you have requested on Monday, May 11th as an attachment.
Angela Walden
How much information do they need?
Are they interested?
How do they feel about your message?
As the result of my message, my audience will....
Hello Alona,
I am now sending information you have asked for on Monday.
Formal Style
Informal Style
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