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In what way might a university add soft skills to a graduati

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Stefan de Bruijn

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of In what way might a university add soft skills to a graduati

In what way might a university add soft skills to a graduation diploma?
After every project, internship, or class the student is evaluated by peers and teachers. The online evaluation tool is provided by the university and addresses the students' soft skills. The student can ask others (external) people (like friends, managers, employers, etc) to add feedback as well...
These evaluations are held the final two years and are consolidated. The student can see his/hers feedback in the meantime and has time and opportunity to correct or improve.

The student now has a formal and signed 360 feedback report.
The students' master/coach/responsible teacher will make a final report bases on the last year ans his/hers own impression.
The student graduates not only with a diploma but also with a 360 feedback form, signed by the dean or principal.
The student has gained better understanding about himself, has improved skills and has a second formal document that shows the employer why he or she is the PERFECT candidate for the job!
Students work close together with fellow students, teachers, professors, and organizations (internships or student jobs).
All these people can tell something valuable about the students soft skills...
Why not use this information to make a soft skill profile of the student?
This way we do not only evaluate the teachers or the class, but the students as well...
Hi, this is one of my prototypes for the venture lab prototyping assignment.

The problem statement is: "An operations manager who is running a business lounge needs a way to determine if a candidate has the right skills for the job because school diplomas are no guarantee for being the perfect candidate"

This prototype is based on the idea to add soft skills to a university diploma. A university student does not only graduate with a diploma, but also with a 360 degree report. This leads to better understanding of the student of his/hers own skills and a better fit between student and his/hers new job after graduation. This prototype shows how this process would go.
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