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No description

Lauren Ridley

on 13 December 2010

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APPLICATION PHYSICAL APPLICATION ink colour texture on to a surface/space paint to a surface surface pattern light hot on cold cold on hot new to old tattoo sound to an environment APPLICATION Projection to a space Lighting is used within interiors and exteriors to change a space, wall or atomosphere from day to night Video Projection also known as architectural mapping is a new and unqiue way in which designers are transforming the concept of interactive displays. LANDMARKS Interactive Displays SEEPER An incredible Interactive Arts + Technology Company, who stretch the boundaries in user interaction, with their aim to create mutli sensory experiences and memories, they achieve this and so much more with their unbelievable visual projections, multitouch technology and musical technology development. Video Mapping is making an impact in all fields, with names such as Elle Mcpherson,Diesel, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Hilfiger Denim and many more using this technology at store openings and big events to create the WOW factor and a very distinct buzz Interactive technology is arriving into the retail environment and making a BIG statement!!!!
Changing the way in which customers arrive, interpret, choose and connect with the brand. Showrooms How do successful showrooms work?? How does it interact with the customer?? How is a product or service demonstrated?? Please visit my blog

http://houseofglitter.tumblr.com/ How will the use of interactive technology change the future of a retail environment??
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