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Religions of the Classical Era

Prezi for another class. My choice: World History.

Anna Hutton

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Religions of the Classical Era

By:Anna Hutton Religions of the Classical Era Judaism
Christianity The Five Main Religions
of the Classical Era Judaism origin was in the middle east, more specifically, modern day Israel
Judaism was the first monotheistic religion, which means they have one God instead of many
They call Him Yahweh
Their holy book is called the Torah
They have prophets that are believed to be sent by God (Yahweh) to preach about His teachings, Isaiah and Abraham were two prophets and leaders of the religion
At one point the Jewish People were kicked out of their home land and sent to various part of the world, such as Europe, Asia, and Iraq, this was known as the Jewish Diaspora, this is how the religion spread throughout the world Judaism: Hinduism started in India and came, not from the natives that lived there originally, but from the Ayran people who were a nomadic tribe who came and settled in India
There are no prophets or leaders in Hinduism
The have Holy writings called the Dharma
Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, which means that they worship many gods and goddesses
Hindus believe in the existence of a single force in the universe called Braham
The goal of the Hindus is for your soul to become one with Braham
They also believe in reincarnation, which is the belief that your soul is reborn into someone's body at birth when you have died
They believe strongly in Karma as well, which is that if you are a good person in this life than you will be rewarded in your next life and be put into a higher caste in the Caste System and if you are bad you will be put into a lower caste in your next life
The Caste System is the social class system in India, there are the priests, then the warriors, then the peasants, then workers, and last, the untouchables Hinduism: Buddhism also originated in India like Hinduism
The leader of Buddhism was a man named Buddha also known as Siddartha
Buddhists have something called the Four Noble Truths which tell them how they should live their lives
Buddhists, unlike Hindus, do not believe in any gods or goddesses and do not believe in reincarnation
Buddhists believe in helping others, giving up selfish desires, that ordinary life is full of suffering and that they should follow the Middle Path which, like the Four Noble Truths, tells you how you should live your life
Buddhists believe that if they follow Buddha's teachings, they will become one with the universe when they die
They do not accept the Caste System, they believe that everyone should be equal
This religion was not accepted much by India, but was very popular in China and other Asian countries Buddhism: Islam started in modern day Iraq and Saudi Arabia
Islams leader/prophet was a man named Muhammad
They have a holy book called the Koran
Islam is a monotheistic religion and followers believe in the same God as the Jews, however they call Him Allah instead of Yahweh
Islams are expected to pray five times a day, have Almsgivig and at some point in life, journey to the city of Meca and do a ritual
Islams believe strongly that Muhammad was a prophet of God and follow his teachings Islam: Christianity originated in the Middle East, more specifically modern day Iraq and Israel
The leader of Christianity was Jesus
The Bible is the holy book of this religion
Christians believe that Jesus is the divine "Son of God" and that after Jesus was hung on the cross, he was resurrected and brought to Heaven to be with God
They also believe that anyone can go to Heaven as long as they believe that Jesus was the son of God and came here and died on the cross to forgive everyone of their sins
Christians also believe that there will be a Day of Judgement when God and Jesus come to take all the believers to Heaven with them and the world will no longer exist Christianity: A Videos of Religions E E N D ! H T URL: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxXP2BliN9A Hinduism and Buddhism www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C7mUk2nO5E Judaism, Islam and Christianity
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