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P2 UK Destinations

No description

Kieran Perkins

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of P2 UK Destinations

Guided walks from blue badge guides and countryside rangers
Boat trips
Road trips (open topped buses)
Train trips
P2 UK Destinations
Types of visitors
Young People
Transport links
Roads (motorways - narrow roads)
Visitor Attractions
The National Trust
English Heritage
Theme Parks
Historic and heritage sites
Wildlife parks and Zoo's
Natural features
Range of Accommodations
Arts and Entertainment
Family holidays will be based around the children keeping busy and entertained, and at the same time the parents being relaxed.
There are a variety of ways in which families will go on their holidays, some may pick to go on site holidays such as Butlins and Haven as these provide activities for the children to do. Others may pick to go to family resorts with all weather activities. A good example of this is Center Parcs as it has a variety of outdoor activities for both adults and children. Finally families might go on bucket and spade holidays to seaside resorts.
For young people, holidays are all about going out and having a good time. This means socialising with new people and having fun. When planning a holiday for this type of visitor you will need to think about what bars and clubs are around. In the day you might want to think of different activities for the young people to do.
Hen and stag parties are very popular with this type of visitor. University cities/ towns are good locations as there is a high amount of bars and young people in the area. As well as this popular seaside towns/ cities can be good such as Blackpool and Newquay especially in the summer time.
School Groups
School groups
Outside of the summer seasons schools are key visitors of attractions. Schools will go on trips for a variety of reasons. Some will be team building trips to attractions where there are a lot of outdoor activities. Others will be based around a natural feature that will be based around the curriculum. These areas will have designated study areas for learners to write work up. Some cities will also be visited to inspire students and also famous land marks.
Retired people
Retired people are looking for activities where they can socialise with other retired people. Usually they like to take part in things such as ballroom dancing and painting activities. They like to socialise with other retired people as it means that they will have similar interests and also the noise level of retired people is usually less. With retired people being more fit now they also like to do active activities such as hiking, sailing and playing golf.
International visitors will come to the UK to visit some of its famous attractions. They may need help and a lot of the time they will take a tour, or a tour guide. The attractions the UK have to offer will vary as we have both modern attractions such as, olympic area, the shard, and also more historic attractions such as Stonehenge, Windsor castle, Big Ben etc.
Beaches and Coasts
Guess Houses
Holiday Parks
Sports and Leisure
Art galleries and exhibitions
Music Events
Local Festivals and events
Dance events
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