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Inspire YOU

2010 Celebration of Teaching Learning!

Shantel Johnson

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of Inspire YOU

Where Knowledge Meets Inspiration! What does it mean to inspire? What does it mean to be a good teacher? What does it take to be a great
teacher who inspires? to fill others with love & joy to show a better way of life that can be reached to personally touch someone and fill them
with the motivation
to achieve to share a collection of "important" facts to students and
hold them accountable for their understanding and learning. to care and love your profession and students to DIFFERENTIATE teaching practices to be hardworking, intelligent and not
afraid to enrich and challenge to not get "fRustrated" and help What's in Your Name? What does it mean?
Who were you named for?
If you could choose any name,
what would it be? Why? Name breaks down Shantel into religion, family stories and personality 1 out of 5 Did you know... students are Latino
of them, 60% are ELL Get to know their name,
get to know their culture! Remember... just because
ELL's have survival
languange, it does not
mean they have academic language GANGS??? WHAT ABOUT POLITICS??? The community wants the same as YOU! Assure them not to be afraid, and you don't be afraid to reach out... we're in this together! Need some extra resources to keep reading fun? And a word from our youth... "They just pass us..." We will act the way we are projected "They expect us to fail." "My favorite teacher KNOCKED on my door." "Sometimes... you're the only family we've got!" Bobby McFerrin inspires... Queen Latifah inspires... GW inspires... every day! keep doing what you're doing... they are always
WATCHING LISTENING and waiting for your smile and touch We make a difference... every day! InspiRe
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