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Attila Kerekes

No description

Attila Kerekes

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Attila Kerekes

Attila Kerekes
digital CV // 'cover letter'

¿ Looking for a candidate who is
hard working
open minded
eager to learn
young but experienced ?
I am / I have
ready to face new challenges
vast amount of international experience
open minded as it can get
interested in arts, photography and music
have lived in 3 countries already, all on my own
Budapest, Hungary
London, UK
Rock Hill, NY, USA
planning to see as much of the world as possible, next dream destination: South America
International Researcher at Euroforum Germany (Budapest)
updating the company's database
keeping in touch with attendees from all over the world
managing and harmonizing our daily workflow with the parent company in Germany
Team Leader Assistant at euroscript Hungary (Budapest)
Helping to coordinate the work of over 6 translators. Daily tasks: workflow management, assigning tasks, administration, keeping touch with the translators and the parent company in Luxembourg
Translation softwares: Trados 2007, SDL Trados Studio 2009, 2011.
Handling documents, such as official translations of EU regulations, international and national contracts
Team Member at Pret A Manger (London, UK)
customer service and assistance
working with people from over 12 nations on a daily basis
Staff Member at Iroquois Springs (Rock Hill, NY, USA)
working in a summer camp
hard work every single day, dealing with children on a daily basis
got the chance to see firsthand the operation of an American business
Why espell for me
I gained skills and interest in the translation business that I would like to enhance and continue to work with
Yeah, We are open // Nyitottak vagyunk
numerous references
international presence
great location :)
Why me for espell
experience in the translation business
advanced English, intermediate German
open minded, with a Colombian partner it's hard not to be :)
ready to learn, next goal: Spanish
creative: music and photography: strangersfromtheboulevard.tumblr.com
looking forward to hearing back from you
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