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Zachary Taylor

No description

Bridget Houghtelin

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Zachary Taylor

Date of birth
Zachary Taylor was born November 24th in Barboursville, VA.
Zachary Taylor was married to Margaret Smith on June 10th, 1810. They got married in Louisville, Kentucky. They had the wedding in her sisters log house.
Presidential Years
Zachary Taylor served from 1849-1850. His Political Party was a Whig party. His contributions were that he led the nation its debated on slavery and Southern secession.
3 interesting facts
Fact 1: Zachary Taylor was our only president elected in Louisiana.

Fact 2: He is the National Hero of the Mexican War.

Fact 3: Zachary Taylor's nickname is Old Rough and Ready because His success in the Second Seminole War attracted national attention and earned him the nickname "Old Rough and Ready".
Zachary Taylor didn't go to school.
Zachary Taylor died on July 9th, 1850. He was 65 when he died. He died in bed (maybe in his office) at the White House in bed by illness. It was 10:35 p.m when he died. (if you don't belive me look it up)
Zachary Taylor
By: Emily Keith
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