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Family life in the 60's

what family life was like in the 60's

kristen connelly

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Family life in the 60's

Families in the 60's By: Kristen Connelly
Amanda Clark
Lexi Crone
and Alyssa Slicko Anti-Establishment of preppies in college Began with the free speech movement at the University of California at Berkeley in 1964. This movement gave students the idea that they did not have to obey authority.
After this many more movements were established including, the anti-war movement, and The students for a Democratic Society Family values and morals -Being a couch potato was forbidden; to sit in front of a TV set for hours was considered a sign that you were lacking in intelligence. - Hard work was greatly valued because not working was said to lead you to sin. -For children growing up in the 60's, sexual relations out of wedlock was forbidden. But throughout the revolution, children started to rebel against their parents rules. -Birth control was first made in the 1960's and greatly encouraged the rebellion. Roles in the 60s Women- more females were becoming more independent throughout the sixties. Many
were entering the work force, getting good
jobs, and gaining more respect. Men- The man was the most powerful person in the family and he was the provider. Children- be respectful and obey their parents.
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