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The Last Lesson

No description

lise cote

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Last Lesson

Short Story The Last Lesson Symbolism Alphonse Daudet The Last lesson is about a young boy named Franz that didn't appreciate his French class. He woke up late one morning and decided to rush to school,arriving he realized something was very different from every other day. Getting into class everyone was silent, at the back of the class sat the former mayor, the former postmaster and several others. Finally M. Hamel's had told him the shocking news that this would be there last lesson and they were only to learn German in school after today. Franz was very happy to hear this news M. Hamel's on the other hand seemed very upset. Finally the lesson began M. Hamel's taught them everything he could, everyone listened to his orders and appreciated there last chance to learn everything possible. For once in all the lessons that were taught Franz listened, he then realized how easy it was and how much he had learned just in one day. The bell rang and class ended, Franz regretted not listening all those times and not showing up until that Last Lesson. Summary The Analysis The Protagonist: Franz a student in a French school during the war. "Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons? Born: May 13th 1840 in France

Father: Vincent Daudet
Brother: unknown (studied journalism)

Married in 1867 to Julia Allard (she was also a writter)

Died: December 16th 1867 in Paris The Message: "Don`t take anything for granted" The character never realized how lucky he was to be able to take a French class. His last lesson, he pays attention and actually found it easy and interesting. He regretted wanting to skip that morning. The Antagonist: The government/war, they are taking away their right to learn in French. It is ridiculous and impossible to make a pigeon sing in a certain "language" and it should be your own right to learn in your own language

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