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s.s st. louis

No description

Ben Macfarlane

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of s.s st. louis

The S.S. St.Louis On May 13,1939, 937 men, woman and children paid $4.00 to board the S.S St.Louis. The S.S. St.louis was like
cruise ships today:
great food
movies The captain ordered his 231 crew members to treat the Jewish passengers humanely The ship was en route to Havana Harbor in Cuba The ship arrived at Havana Harbor two weeks later, on May 27, 1939. But the Cuban government would not allow the S.S. St.Louis to dock The reason that the ship could not dock in the harbor is because Cuba changed its mind on allowing Jewish people come. Therefore, the ship had to sit out in the hot sun for a full week while officials tried to talk them into letting them dock. After being denied entry, the ship tried to enter Florida’s territories, but the Coast Guard fired a warning shot in its path. The captain had no choice but to head back to Germany The ship didn't get far when the captain got word that four countries would accept the Jews They were: Belgium, Holland, France, and England. At that time the Nazis occupied the first 3 countries In the end England accepted all 937 Jews and they made their home there. For Hitler, the case of the S.S. St. Louis marked a stunning victory Most allied countries didn't want the Jews in their country any more than he wanted them in his
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