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Federalist vs Anti-Federalists

Brian Beffert

on 13 June 2012

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Transcript of BILL OF RIGHTS

Click anywhere & add an idea Bill of Rights Amendment 1 Press Speech Religion Petition Assembly Amendment 2 The right to keep and bear arms Do not have to quarter troops during war time or during peace. Amendment 4 Search and Seizure Persons House Papers Effects Double Jeopardy Do not have to testify againt yourself Indictment Cannot take life, liberty, or property without due compensation Amendment 6 Speedy & Public Trial Impartial Jury Informed of Charges Witnesses Right to have Attorney Amendment 7 Amendment 8 No Excessive Fines or Cruel and Unusual Punishment Amendment 9 Power Reserved to the People Amendment 10 Powers Reserved to the States Amendment 5 Amendment 3 Civil Law
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