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Original Performance Conditions

No description

Dammy Opara

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Original Performance Conditions

My Woyzeck concept
Original Performance Conditions
My Influence for the set...
Picture from Tyler Perry's Madea gets a job
Theme: Mental Isolation & Turmoil
This is the theme that stuck out the most for me.

I noted that Woyzeck was alone and suffering, (bar the voices he often heard.

His lover was cheating & his friend didn't understand him.
Practioner influences
My piece is going to have a big element of horror and shocking scenes. (Artaud)

I intend to hire very flexible actors to portray the characters of Woyzeck, Marie, the Doctor & the Drum Major. (Berkoff)

Some scenes will have a slogan written in the background, for example, the opening scene will have "unstable" written in fake blood. (Brecht/Artaud)

Some of the scenes will contain mime, for example: the scene where Woyzeck first shows his signs of madness & hears voices in the forest. Actors will dance around him in a circle silenty - miming shouting at him. (Artaud/Craig)

The young man in this picture seems to be mentally tired and depressed. He clutches his head which can often be seen as a sign of total despair. He poses naked in a white room, with only his thoughts to keep him company, representing his decent into madness, as his surroundings become irrelevant to the turmoil in his mind.
The basic idea is that all the scenes are encased in a "doll-house".
My set will be as detailed as possible - a full set including trees in the woods & the tent in the circus.
The individual scenes will take place in the allocated 'rooms'
Character developments & analysis
Woyzeck poster
This is a song I found that I felt describes Mental Turmoil. I'll have this playing just before the interval.
This poster centres around scenes of isolation and mental turmoil, it represents the ruling idea in my version of Woyzeck.
Marie: will be objectified as much as possible. I plan to have her wearing revealing clothes, tight black disco pants and a white sleeve-less crop up eyeliner & bright red-lipstick.
Her costume choice is due to her being percieved as very flirtatious character. The costume is chosen to show off her curves and figure without having her naked. The lipstick will be the only injection of colour in her costume, and it will be a representation of a small part of her character being promiscious, but trying to hide it.
Woyzeck: will be shown to be physically mental and troubled. His costume will consist of ripped white t-shirt, smart black trousers, and a camoflauge print jacket, (which he will button up in any scenes where he is a soldier). He will also wear standard army boots through-out.
His costume choice is due to his character suffering through-out the play and feeling like an outkast in his life. His ripped white t-shirt represents the state of his sanity, there are cracks in his perception of reality, and he often hears voice and hallucinates.
Drum Major: will be wearing a standard red marching band costume, complete with gold buttons and black detailing and standard black boots.
His costume is completely representational and it shows his character and his job.
My piece will have quiet a lot of recorded sound, but some of it will also be performed live by the actors. For example: Andres & Marie will actually sing any songs live
In the opening scene where Woyzeck is introduced, the actors around him will whispe words such as 'kill her' 'she's with him' 'they mock you' 'use the knife'.
For the scene set in the woods
where the protagonists drown,
during the interval, a thick plastic sheet will be set on the floor, with the ends firmly held by harnesses,
so when the characters drown, this sheet will be used.
The sheet will be raised,
and a light blue light will be projected over it with sounds of a river
Other charcters will be dressed as their names would suggest.

For example: the Jew will have the Star of David on a necklace and a plastic big nose.
The entire play takes place in the little 'doll house'. The individual rooms house the different scenes.
Woyzeck was written in 1837, but it took up until 1914 to be performed.

1914: WW1, Existentialist plays, little technology, international unrest

1837: Victorian plays, dirty theatres, natural light, dirty/vulgar jokes

I will use the idea of real crimes in my Woyzech. I will put posters up warning women of Jack the Ripper if they chose to roam the street alone at night.

As for war, I will make it directly relevant to the French Revolution; any scenes that include Woyzeck and Andres will be in that type of setting.

Woyzeck will have a red spotlight on him whenever he has a personal moment, (his monologues).
The set will have normal natural looking lighting whenever a scene is set outside.

Yet, when the scene is set with Marie alone she will have dimmed stage but fluorescent.
The little rooms will have bars over the rooms
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