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Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Prezi

Facebook / Liz / Mark Z
Why Facebook needs Prezi
Unmissable Opportunity
Post 1

Peter Arvai shared a photo to your timeline

Speech bubble coming off Peter says
"All stories are not created equal"

Hi Facebookers. Just a quick note to let you know why we think Prezi is ready to help you change the way you present and leave slides behind. Check out the posts below for more information.
Post 2

shared a photo album.
(show photos of Bono and others presenting with Prezi)

We invested in Prezi because we saw that this was a reinvention of the Presentation
Post 3

Tell stories that show the whole picture.

Animated GIF - use Meaghan's Aquaculture Prezi
Post 4

Guy Raz wrote on your timeline

Immerse yourself in your content with Prezi AR! I tried it for my talk <link> on Nomophobia and it was awesome!

Show Guy Raz using Prezi AR (video or just still)
Nev Schulman
Guy Raz
Sandi Toksvig
and 89 million others like Prezi
Post 5

Harvard Dept of Psycology shared 5 info graphics to your timeline
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