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Expert Seminar


Kirsty Anderson

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of Expert Seminar

Welcome and Introductions

Nicola Bacon - Local Projects Director
Opening Doors to Apprenticeships

Expert Seminar Background to ‘Opening Doors’

Bethia McNeil – Project Manager, Apprenticeship Pathfinder Project
Core Partners

Project Partners

Project Funder 1 - Reaching young people under-represented in Apprenticeships
Are there particular groups of young people who should be targeted for Apprenticeships?
How can the ‘mainstreaming’ and ‘social inclusion’ agendas for Apprenticeships be reconciled?
What is the best approach to supporting young people in jobs without training into Apprenticeships?
How can young people currently pursuing an academic pathway be encouraged to think about Apprenticeships?
2 - Preparing young people for Apprenticeships
What are the key features of successful pre-Apprenticeship programmes?
How can provision through Foundation Learning be shaped to focus on these key features?
Should pre-Apprenticeship support be about levelling the playing field or enabling direct access to Apprenticeships?
What role will the Apprenticeship Offer play in shaping pre-Apprenticeship provision and increasing motivation?
3 - Raising awareness and understanding of Apprenticeships
How effective are current approaches to IAG in informing young people about Apprenticeships, particularly those who are under-represented?
How can the IAG offer, in relation to Apprenticeships be strengthened? What do young people, parents, employers and communities need to know?
What is the best approach to involving parents and the wider guidance community in raising awareness around Apprenticeships? 4 - Engaging employers
How can employers be encouraged to take on 16-18 years olds as apprentices, particularly those who are under-represented?
What is the best approach to providing and resourcing support for young people in Apprenticeship?
How should local authorities, training providers and employers work together to support young people under-represented in Apprenticeships?
What role should employers play in developing routes into Apprenticeships? Discussion Sessions
Summing up and moving forward

Nicola Bacon, Local Projects Director,
The Young Foundation

Manchester City Council

Clive Gee
Patricia Jones 2.05pm - 2.15pm
Background to ‘Opening Doors’
Bethia McNeil, Project Manager: Apprenticeships,
The Young Foundation

2.15pm - 2.45pm
Opening Doors in practice: progress in the three Pathfinder authorities
________________________________________ 2.50pm - 4.10pm
Small discussion sessions (including a coffee break)
____________________________________ 4.10pm - 4.20pm
Drawing together priorities
Bethia McNeil, Project Manager: Apprenticeships,
The Young Foundation
___________________________________________ 4.20pm - 4.30pm
Summing up and moving forward
Nicola Bacon, Local Projects Director, The Young Foundation
South Tyneside Metropolitan
Borough Council Hertfordshire County Council

Lynne Coulthard Drawing together priorities

Bethia McNeil, Project Manager
Apprenticeship Pathfinder Project
Apprenticeships: a "renaissance"
one of four main learning routes
parity of esteem
Apprenticeship Offer
one in five young people in Apprenticeship by 2020
Young people "far from Apprenticeships"
needing a bridge into the workplace
not benefitted from formal education
low motivation
financially excluded...
..."high fliers" too Opening Doors 1: the findings
a "NEET solution" too easy... and misleading
false dichotomy
wellbeing effect
impact of the recession
quality and quantity of IAG
routes into Apprenticeship
support for employers
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