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Validation/Verification Prezi

ITGS class Prezi Test

Dandin Lin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Validation/Verification Prezi

What's the difference? Validation and verification? VALIDATING A sign up form!!!!! Validations are basically Human Checks. May include: Typing a Password twice in order to make things sure. Can include a comparison picture checking yourself. Verifying is more or less a
check that the computer
does for you Such as, Copy /V on MSDOS Which copies a file and tests if the copy is successful or not for you In systems engineering it means to confirm or make sure that the system is working fine meeting document specifications. An example of validating a photo! HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND ALOT MORE NOW!!!! BYE BYE! Validations may include: 1. Presence check - Did the user type something in or leave the field blank?
The Red star sighn Type (or Data type) check - Is it number or character (e.g. Enter Age: ) Format check - Is the input in the correct format, (e.g. your username = ccccdd, or the date DD-MM-YY) OR Look-up check - Is the data listed in a table (e.g. Your username, is it in the list of allowed users) Self Validation
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