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illegal music downloads

No description

Mike Kahn

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of illegal music downloads

Illegal Music Downloading everyone listens to some sort of music but how do people get their music these days? basically everyone downloads their music today some people buy their music and some people download their music illegally itunes frostwire when songs are illegally downloaded artists and record companies don't get paid 95% of music downloads in 2008 were illegal thats roughly 40 billion songs! thats only about $3.8 billion in legal sales so how do people illegally download music? peer-to-peer file sharing programs (P2P) they work like this... basically its just a whole bunch of users sharing music files with eachother music sales have gone down in the past few years because of illegal downloads so what is an illegal download? downloading a file through P2P programs is an illegal download why? because your breaking copyright laws which can lead to fines or jail time artists and record companies deserve their money for what they made yes, billions with a B
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