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Hong Kong

No description

Frieda Johanna

on 28 January 2017

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Transcript of Hong Kong


Hong Kong
7. Sources



1. General information
2. Geography and climate
3. History
4. Culture
4.1 Religion and language
4.2 Events
4.3 Sights
4.4 Food
5. Economy
6. Education
7. Sources

1. General information
The big city
- metropolis in China
- main languages:
- English
- Chinese
- area: 1085 km2
- population: 7,184,000 (2013)

2. Geography and climate

- China's south east coast
- 3 main territories:
- Hong Kong Island
- Kowloon Peninsula
- New Territories
- surrounded by the South China Sea
- it's hilly and mountainous with steep slopes


- subtropical climate and monsoonal
- cool, dry winters and hot, humid summers
4. Culture

3. History
- until 19th century: little fisher
community with pirates and smugglers
- after the Opium Wars (1840-1842 and
1856-1858) China has to commit Hong
Kong to England (later on Kowloon and
Stonecutters Island too)
- Treaty of Nankin: Hong Kong will
belong to England for 99 years (from

4.1 Religion and language
- almost every religion represented in Hong
- most common religions: Buddhism and

- most common languages:
English and Chinese
- Chinese divided in
Cantonese and Standard
4.2 Events
- high importance: chinese festivals
- most important festivals:

Chinese New Year Festival
Lantern Festival
Quingming Festival
- through festivals like the Hong Kong Art
Festival the government wants to make
the city more attractive for tourists
and inhabitants
4.3 Sights

Ocean Park Hong Kong
The Peak
Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple
The Avenue of Stars
Ladies' Market
Clock Tower
4.4 Food
- cuisine is similar to the cantonese
- freshness of the ingredients is very
- famous meals:
- pineapple buns
- Wonton noodles
- Cantonese style congee
- Sweet and sour pork
5. Economy
- important international finance and
trade center
- agriculture: not very important
- only little arable land and few natural
--> import of food and raw materials
6. Education
-compulsory school attendance
(Schulpflicht) from age 6-15
- education is very important for
chinese people
- elementary school: age of 6, for 6
- high school for 2 or 3 years
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