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Power of Influence

Body language, words that motivate, what's behind a handshake

Desiree Finkbeiner

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Power of Influence





CONTROL, IN CHARGE, CHOICE The Power of Influence to contribute to change
and motivate to action ===== Words and phrases that increase influence: Influence it a tool for: cause = effect few people challenge: no resistance Once in the introduction
Once in the closing You Control
You're In Charge
You Choose
You Decide
You Create
You Design BECAUSE NOW IMAGINE trash-talking You may be right, and...
I agree, and...
You have a point, and...
Excellent perspective, and...
Great thought, and... Even if you
DISAGREE: It's easy to miss what you're not looking for. Watch Closely. The Handshake The LIMP FISH handshake The BONE CRUSHER The Politician The Romantic The Fist Bump Stand & Smile
Eye Contact
Lean Toward
Firm No Blocking Eye Contact Leaning In,
Smiles Hands are Visible Good Grip never resort to use AND instead of BUT or HOWEVER The Box not reaching over the table, no barriers preening perceived cost perceived benefit Influence others by highlighting perceived benefits cost benefits Xerox Study Consistency Principal I like you. principle Authority Principle Present yourself as an authority figure.
Offer referrals to other authority figures. Scarcity Principle When things become scarce, desire & demand increases. The YES Mindset Similar to "consistency principle" YES! Yes. yes... RAPPORT & MIRRORING How are you today, pretty good? YES.

Is the temperature in here okay for you? YES.

Are you comfortable sitting there? YES.

Can you imagine what it would be like to...? YES. Double-Bind Principle Would Monday or Tuesday work better for you? Embedded Suggestions Confusion & Pattern Interruption As you (truism), you (suggestion)
Because, (truism) you (suggestion)
You may be wondering (suggestion)
You may notice (suggestion)
You may find yourself (suggestion)
I'm sure you can imagine (suggestion) 1 mint = 3%
2 mints = 14%
23% pause & "like" principle GIVE
FIRST personalized & unexpected The benefits
Why it's unique
What they stand to lose When Initial Commitment is SMALL
400% increase in larger
commitment later

Written commitments are powerful 3 important factors:
People who are SIMILAR to us
People who pay us COMPLIMENTS
People who COOPERATE
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