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Claxton Hardware SWOT Analysis

No description

Madison Boatright

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Claxton Hardware SWOT Analysis

Job Description
Since I don't have a job, I will describe my dad's. My dad is an owner and managing partner of Claxton Hardware. Through training and managing employees, he makes sure that customer satisfaction is achieved. He orders all hardware and building supplies, as well as garden supplies and feed for the store. My dad does payroll, talks to vendors, is a bill collector for the store, interacts with walk-in customers and contractors, manages the store and does everything necessary to run his business successfully on a day-to-day basis.
Claxton Hardware:
has no website.

doesn't have employee uniforms.

is in an older, slightly outdated facility.

does not have as many items as big box stores.

has limited space to store things or put out displays.
Claxton Hardware:
is looking into creating a store website.

is looking into renovations to update the store for a new look.

is looking into creating more advertisements, such as a billboard.

is looking into purchasing a storefront, electronic sign for advertising weekly specials.

is looking into purchasing work vests with the store name and logo as well as with the name of the employee for each employee to wear as part of a uniform.

Claxton Hardware:
has Ace Hardware to compete against.

has uncertain economic conditions as a threat.

has gun control laws that are possibly going to be passed, which could be a threat to the selling of guns and ammo.

has big box stores in neighboring towns, such as Lowe's in Statesboro, to compete with.

has online stores where hardware and building supplies can be purchased as competition.

Claxton Hardware Background
Claxton Hardware SWOT Analysis
Madison Boatright

Suggestions for Improvements
In a building next to where the current Great Wall of China Chinese restaurant is located, Claxton Carriage and Hardware Company was built at the end of 1903. It was moved to its current location in 1970 after the old building was torn down so that 301 could expand into a larger highway. It was called Bowen-Rogers Hardware Company at that time. In October of 1994, Joe Miller, Keith Miller, and David Boatright bought the store and renamed it Claxton Hardware and Building Supply, Inc. It is still Claxton Hardware today, and it sells hardware supplies, building supplies, garden supplies, and much more.
Claxton Hardware:
is a licensed gun dealership.

has a loyal customer base.

is in a central, downtown location.

sells Southern Linc cell phones and services.

has after hours customer service for those in an emergency situation.

is a locally owned and operated business.

sells Benjamin Moore paints, which is the #1 customer rated paint brand in the world.

is the only business in Evans County that sells hunting and fishing licenses.

provides good job opportunities for teenagers.
To improve, I believe that Claxton Hardware needs to renovate to a more modern look, as they are planning on doing.
I also believe that Claxton Hardware needs uniforms for employees as well as a store website, which they are planning to do as well.
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