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Has technology changed the way we think comapred to our ance

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Beth Joy

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Has technology changed the way we think comapred to our ance

Has technology changed the way we think and act compared to our ancestors?
When people think of technology, they usually go strait to electronics. Although that is true, technology changed people before hand held devices. Dishwashers, fridges, microwaves, airplanes, and cars are all examples of the technology that has changed people. We no longer have to preserve all of the food we want to keep, or put them in a seller to keep cool. When we want to go on a trip we plan to be away for however long we want, and the hours we would be on a plane, or in a car. Not the days it might take by wagon, or months by boat.
Technology has also changed education. Students no longer have to spend a long time having to look for the write book, then having to read to find what they're looking for. All they have to do is type their question into the computer and press search. Computers are a big change in education because students can also access their assignments from websites and email their teacher from home. This makes doing homework much easier, and it widens students knowledge.
Technology has changed the way we think, by changing our brain. The brain is an organ that is always developing. Parts of the brain change because of certain experiences. The environment we are in has a great impact on how the brain develops. So modern technologies literally change the way we think.
By: Chloe Beech & Bethany Jacobs
The answer to our question is a big YES. Instead of leaving it at that, we decided to go deeper into the reasons of why it changed us.
Modern day devices have completely changed the way we communicate compared to how our ancestors communicated. We communicate mainly by texting each other, or talking on social media sites. When we text, we use shortened versions of language to make it faster to send messages. Experts say that this is affecting proper speech, grammar, and spelling. The only way our ancestors could communicate would be face to face, or from sending letters. Letters take much longer to get a response, compared to texting or emailing, which could take minutes.
The answer to our question is yes, because people like making things easier for themselves. Technology is how we made things easier, and we're not done yet.
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