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Introduction to Management

Jornadas Presentación en la UAL

Miguel Perez

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Management

First year
Sixth time offered

The Course
8 Teaching Groups
(One of them taught in English)
16 Working Gropus
Between 96 y 60 students per group
6 Professors!!!
Initial Video
Content Developement
Case studies / debate
Content Developement
G.D. 1
G.D. 2
Working Groups
Before Class
At Class
After Class
Read the Unit
Briefly answer the questions
You can look for additional information giving examples and enriching your arguments
At the begining of the class, every student will give its individual assignment (bring a copy for you!!!)
Later we will work in groups (3-4 people; stable along the semester).

You will write the group conclussions and give them to me at the end of the class.
Every group will give their conclussions but only 1 or 2 will present them publicly. Every group will present at least twice per semester.
Additionally, 1 or 2 groups will act as evaluators. Those groups will comment the presentations made by their colleagues.
Forum at WebCt where evaluators will post their comments.

Answers are welcome
1.- Individual work done before class
2.- Group conclussinons
3.- At least 2 presentations
4.- The quality of your reviws when acting as evaluator
Practices Grade
Nota de Prácticas
1.- La entrega individual de las prácticas el día del grupo de trabajo
2.- La entrega grupal de las prácticas el día del grupo de trabajo
3.- La calidad de al menos 2 prácticas grupales
4.- La calidad de la evaluación cuando su grupo sea evaluador
360 Asessment:
1.- Self-evaluation
2.- Peer Review
3.- Professor Evauluation
Proyecto de Investigación
Research Project
Group Work (3 o 4 students)
Give answer to a broad question about a research topic
Past experience has shown that the best research projects are those including info coming from the real world.
5 Bibliographic references. They must be properly used and cited. (Avoid copy-paste and merely summarizing the content).1 New, obviously it should be related to your topic and illustrate a specific issue of your work. 1 Multimedia resource (video, Photo, blog, website,) related to your topic.1 real life example or a specific application of your conclusions to your day by day life.A justification of why all these items appear.A fairly well done group conclusions, expressing your opinion, pros and cons, etc.
Research Projects
Miguel Pérez Valls

Dispersión del profesorado
Office hours:
10-11 & 12-13
Cynthia Giagnocavo

Office hours:
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