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Social media

No description

Anna Newbold

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Social media

You can (if you have a business) see what kind of customers you have.
also, you can( once again if you have a business) attract a crowd of new customers.
you can get advice tips on something from someone who knows about what you want to know.
You can meet someone who might lead you to a false feeling of connection
you can be led into meeting someone in real life
Be careful!
social media has its ups and downs
it could be good
or bad
so watch what you do on social media.
Social media
The good and the bad
You can also find someone you can relate to.
you can join a group for a hobby you do
you can also communicate with a relative that lives farther away.
Also bad
you could give out info about yourself
you could be a target of bullying
you could also be a target for a predator
social media can cause loss of sleep
can effect health if you stay on it constantly
can effect loss of friends if you get to attached to it.
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