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Narrabeen man and otzi the iceman

No description

claudia vanderwel

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Narrabeen man and otzi the iceman

Narrabeen man and otzi the iceman
where were they discovered?
narrabeen man
The Narrabeen Man was found in Narrabeen, Australia. He was found in 2005, when work men were digging underground to put in cables. When they were digging they came across the discovery, they had uncovered the skeleton of the Narrabeen Man. This happened underneath a bus stop on the corners of Octavia Street and Ocean Street.
otzi the iceman
Otzi the Iceman was found in Europe between the border of Austria and Italy in snow mountains near the Similaun Mountains. Two hikers were walking in the Otztal Apls and they saw something. At first they thought it was rubbish but when they got a closer look, they were filled with horror when they realised they had come across a human body.
what they life was like?
narrabeen man
The Narrabeen Man was a 30-40 year old aboriginal and was believed to be a coastal dweller. This meant his diet would mainly consisted of fish and other sea critters because of the tiny fish bones that were uncovered in his stomach reign as stated by Dr Denise Donlon, Physical Anthropologist. His life would have been hard because of becoming a man means you would have to do painful things.in Narrabeen you have to get your front two teeth knocked out. Evidence shows he did not belong to the local tribe because he was ten centimetres taller than everybody and still had his two front teeth.
Otizi the iceman
Otzi spent his life heralding sheep and goats up and down the Tyrolean Alps. He lived 5300 years ago. He wore a woven grass cloak with a leather vest and shoes made out of grass.
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