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'A Holistic Approach to Communication'

Rebranding of the onjcwc

jessica wheeler

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 'A Holistic Approach to Communication'

Educate Energise Enlist Evaluate Our Findings
What's the situation? Who we are targeting What we want to say Our Goals What we will do How we'll make it happen Making sure we've delivered

Fundraising By the
Generations - New Study, Pro Bono News Australia Cancer In Australia - A Snapshot, 2004-2005, Australian Bureau of Statistics How LIVESTRONG Raised Millions to Fight Cancer Using Social Media, http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/?s=livestrong Rebranding Case Studies: http://www.brandmatters.com.au/movember-the-brand/
CARE Australia Case Study

ONJCWC needs to raise $13 million by the end of the year New competition detracts from USP Publics' perception of 'alternative medicine' is generally negative Currently undergoing organisational rebrand Updated website Low social media profile Olivia's visit to Melbourne Gen X Baby Boomers ONJCWC Staff Gen Y Men Cancer Patients Funds Public Awareness Sustainable Relationships Key messages are specific to each target public, can be found on pages 9-12 To raise public awareness of ONJCWC by 80% by December 2010 To establish an integrated online presence to raise visibility by 20% each quarter by December 2010 To ensure that 95% of staff are engaged in the ONJCWC brand and vision by December 2010 To establish and maintain a sustainable public corporate partnership to increase
overall brand awareness by 50% by December 2010 To raise the $13 million needed to cover the cost of the new wellness centre by the end of 2010 Social Media Media Opportunities Corporate Partnerships Internal Campaign An Holistic Approach to Communication: The Olivia Newton- John Cancer and Wellness Centre Critical Success Factors Tactical Evaluation Regular contact with you Adherence to budget and timeline Thankyou
Any Questions Please refer to pages 19-35 for details
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